The Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection Trivia Challenge Continues With ‘Collateral’

We have a winner! Game over, all entries are CLOSED!

Congratulations to user ‘Blazingorchidlv’ who entered the correct answer FIRST! We will be contacting you to give you your ‘Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection’

For all of you who are curious about the correct answer to our Trivia Challenge question below, here it is!

Q:What is Max’s favorite vacation destination and how often does he go?

A:Max’s favorite vacation destination is the Maldives Islands and he visualizes going there a “dozen times a day.”

A huge THANK YOU to all the fans who participated in our Trivia Challenge! Make sure to keep up with the official social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, Weibo, and Gree) for more chances to win the newly released ‘Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection’ this entire week!

The team kicked off a five day Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection Trivia Challenge yesterday to celebrate the November 15, 2011 release of the Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection. We will feature one of the five films each day, challenge you with a trivia question about each movie and one winner per day will receive a Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection!

Featuring five fan favorite films, ‘War of the Worlds,’ ‘Collateral,’ ‘Minority Report,’ ‘Days of Thunder’ and ‘Top Gun,’ Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection set also includes a ton of bonus features, such as deleted scenes, cast interviews, behind-the-scenes video clips and director commentary.

Yesterday, we posed a challenging trivia question about the futuristic thriller, ‘Minority Report’ but today we are focusing on the darkly dramatic character study, ‘Collateral.’ When you figure out the answer to today’s question, post your correct answer in the blog comment section below for a chance to win the Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection.

We promise no one will get hurt if you decide not to play along! Buckle your seat belt, the second Trivia Challenge:

QUESTION: What is Max’s favorite vacation destination and how often does he go?

The gritty Michael Mann film stars Tom Cruise as the coldly methodical assassin, ‘Vincent’ and Jamie Foxx as the taxi-driver-with-a-dream, ‘Max.’ In a gesture of goodwill, ‘Max’ accepts ‘Vincent’ as last minute fare, never dreaming he will spend the night driving a professional killer around Los Angeles. Can ‘Max’ stop his homicidal passenger before he can kill again or will he be the last name on the hit list? Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection ‘Collateral’ bonus features include a film trailer, television spots, Michael Mann commentary, ‘City of Night: The Making of Collateral,’ four production featurettes and a deleted scene with optional director commentary.



When you figure out correct answer to today’s Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection Trivia Challenge, post it in the comment section below ASAP! Please remember, answers posted anywhere other than in this blog post’s comment section will not qualify - sorry!

Don’t forget to check back here tomorrow for the THIRD Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection trivia question!

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  • Aamir Yousuf

    Maldives Island , a dozen times a day :)

  • Blazingorchidlv

    Maldives islands a dozen times a day

  • Larisa Studenikina

    Games – it’s a good tradition. Only in cartoons, everything is for real, but it reminds us of the mathematics which is part of the game.