From An Alien Invasion to Cold-Blooded Killer: New Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection Features Five Film Favorites

‘Top Gun,’ ‘Days of Thunder,’ ‘Minority Report,’ ‘Collateral’ and ‘War of the Worlds’ Featured in new Blu-ray Collection Set. The Blu-ray collection set will keep you on edge of your seat with all of the special features, interviews, deleted scenes and video featurettes for these action packed films and is a must-have for any Tom Cruise fan.

Even if you already have a la carte editions of all of these films like we do, the team is looking forward to checking out all the awesome extras in this collection set. Be sure to stock up on plenty of popcorn for a marathon session of Tom Cruise movies!

Top Gun (1986) – The top grossing movie of 1986, ‘Top Gun’ proved Tom Cruise was not too cool for school as ‘Maverick’ and ‘Goose’ (Anthony Edwards) earned the chance to train at an elite Naval fighter weapons school after successfully dodging some pesky MiGs in a series of classified maneuvers. Despite rigors of training at ‘Top Gun,’ ‘Maverick’ finds the time to romance his female instructor (‘Kelly McGillis’) and engage in a battle of egos with ‘Iceman’ (Val Kilmer) but when a freak accident results in the death of his best friend, will ‘Maverick’ find the strength and the confidence to carry on? Filled with dramatic flight sequences, a toe-tapping soundtrack and a feel-good love story, the slick 1980s classic retains its status as a perennial crowd-pleaser. Bonus Features: Commentary from director Tony Scott, producer Jerry Bruckheimer, co-writer Jack Epps, Jr. and several navel experts, a six-part ‘Danger Zone: The Making of Top Gun’ and a real-life look at the real “Top Gun” as well as several music videos, featurettes and interviews.


Days of Thunder’ (1990) – Director Tony Scott and Tom Cruise attempt to repeat their ‘Top Gun’ success with the story of the cocky, up-and-coming stock car driver, ‘Cole Trickle.’ On his way to competing in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series, ‘Cole’ romances Dr. Claire Lewicky (Nicole Kidman), makes a friendemy out of Rowdy Burns (Michael Rooker) and finds a mentor in ‘Harry Hogge’ (Robert Duvall’). Bonus Features: The theatrical trailer.


Minority Report’ (2002) – Directed by Steven Spielberg, the futuristic thriller is based on the 1958 short story by Philip K. Dick. A leader of the crime prevention bureau, ‘Chief John Anderton’ (Tom Cruise), hunts down and arrests potentially murderous citizens before their forecasted fate has a chance to become a reality. However, the hunter becomes the hunted when the “precogs” psychics who predict the future crimes foresee a homicidal future for ‘Anderton.’ While delivering a mind-bending action movie, Spielberg subtly weaves in moral questions of free will, justice and the right to privacy.


Collateral (2004) – In a departure from the heroic roles he frequently plays, Tom portrays the methodical hitman, ‘Vincent,’ in the Michael Mann directed film. When the amicable taxi driver ‘Max Durocher (Jamie Foxx) accepts ‘Vincent’ as a passenger, he has no idea he will spend the night chauffeuring a killer around Los Angeles. Unable to stop the cold-blooded assassin from carrying out his multiple hits, ‘Max’ tries to prevent becoming the last name on the ‘Vincent’s to-do list. Bonus Features: Michael Mann commentary, ‘City of Night: The Making of Collateral,’ four production featurettes, a deleted scene with optional director commentary and several trailers and TV spots.


War of the Worlds (2005) –In a second Spielberg-Cruise collaboration, the dynamic duo pair up for the big screen adaption of the H.G. Wells Mercury Radio Theatre prank that almost caused a national panic in 1938. The scary science fiction film follows divorced dad, ‘Ray Ferrier,’ (Tom Cruise) as he tries to protect his children (Dakota Fanning and Justin Chatwin) from an alien invasion as well as from bizarre survivors (Tim Robbins). Bonus Features: Numerous featurettes covering previous adaptations of the story, a family unit, the film score and behind-the-scenes footage as well as a series of production diaries, “We Are Not Alone” clip-fest and production notes.


“Highly recommended” by, Paramount Pictures packaged the five-disc set inside a slim multi-hinged case with silver and blue artwork of scenes from the films on the front of the case and movie descriptions on the back. Scheduled for release on November 15, 2011, you can place your order for the Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection on Amazon today!

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