HALLOWEEN FAN POLL RESULTS: Your Favorite Villain In A Tom Cruise Movie

The holiday festivities are over and so is our Halloween Fan Poll. Thank you to everyone who took a time out from trick-or-treating to vote!

No need to cast a spell to find out your favorite villain. Just check out the results posted below:

As you can see, a shocking betrayal by a boss (‘Jim Phelps’ in ‘Mission: Impossible’ and ‘Director Lamar Burgess’ in ‘Minority Report’) was even scarier to you than the than devil incarnate, ‘Darkness’ in ‘Legend.’ Yikes! To spook yourselves all over again, watch the creepy clips below.

Halloween is here!! But we’re not sitting around waiting for the “Great Pumpkin.” Nope. The TomCruise.com team has been busy sneaking treats and debating our favorite villains in a Tom Cruise movie. We managed to narrow the list down to our top five but we want to know who is YOUR favorite villain in a Tom Cruise movie? Check out the villainous videos below and then vote for your favorite…if you dare ;)

The movie: ‘Legend’
The villain: ‘Darkness’

Once, long ago, there was a world filled with goodness and light; where innocents like Jack (Tom Cruise) and Lili (Mia Sara) roamed the woods with unicorns, elves and fairies. But hidden in his lair, the sinister ‘Darkness’ (Tim Curry) seeks to destroy the light, sending his minions to kill the unicorns and remove their horns so the sun will never shine again. Directed by Ridley Scott, ‘Legend’ stars Tom Cruise Mia Sara and Tim Curry. With an Oscar nod for Best Makeup, this classic tale of good vs. evil has achieved a cult following over the years.

The movie: ‘War of the Worlds’
The villain: Alien invaders

As if trying to entertain two kids over the weekend by yourself wasn’t scary enough, the neighborhood has just been invaded by aliens from outer space! Based on the H.G. Wells Mercury Radio Theatre 1938 Halloween prank that nearly caused a national panic, the 2005 Steven Spielberg film was named one of the Top 25 Scariest Movies of All Time by Jack FM. As divorced dad, ‘Ray Ferrier’ (Tom Cruise) tries to protect his children (Dakota Fanning and Justin Chatwin) from the carnivorous aliens as well as from creepy survivors (Tim Robbins), the action-packed movie is punctuated by ominous periods of silence. The frightening film earned three Oscar nominations (Sound Editing, Sound Mixing and Visual Effects).

The movie: ‘The Firm’
The villain: ‘Bendini, Lambert & Locke’ (aka “The Firm”)

‘Mitch McDeere’ (Tom Cruise) and his wife start their new life after ‘Mitch’ lands his dream job at the law firm, Bendini, Lambert & Locke. However, ‘Mitch’ learns just how prophetic the adage “be careful what you wish for” really is as his dream quickly turns into a nightmare. Not only is the Firm mob connected, but ‘Mitch’ also discovers that anytime an associate has tried to leave the Firm, he ends up murdered! Based on the best-selling John Grisham novel, directed by Sydney Pollack and featuring an all-star cast with Tom Cruise, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Gene Hackman, Ed Harris, Holly Hunter, Hal Holbrook, Wilford Brimley, Gary Busey and David Strathairn, it is no wonder ‘The Firm’ was named one of the “Top 10 Law Movies Based on Novels” by Reelz. The legal thriller even earned two Academy Award nominations, Best Supporting Actress (Holly Hunter) and Best Original Music (Dave Grusin).

The movie: ‘Mission: Impossible’
The villain: ‘Jim Phelps’

Based on the popular television series, the movie franchise launched onto the big screen with a bang. In the stylish ‘Mission: Impossible’ movie, ‘Ethan Hunt’ (Tom Cruise) is the lone survivor as his team is systematically murdered during a mission suspicion to uncover a mole within the organization. As it turns out, ‘Hunt’ is not the only survivor. Forming a new team and an uneasy partnership with ‘Claire Phelps’ (Emmanuelle Béart), ‘Hunt’ sets out to uncover the truth. A truth that leads to a shocking betrayal by the former IMF leader, ‘Jim Phelps’ (Jon Voigt). Directed by Brian De Palma, ‘Mission: Impossible’ stars Tom Cruise, Jon Voight, Emmanuelle Béart, Henry Czerny, Jean Reno, Ving Rhames, Kristin Scott Thomas and Vanessa Redgrave.

The movie: ‘Minority Report’
The villain: ‘Director Lamar Burgess’

Based on the 1958 short story by Philip K. Dick, the Steven Spielberg futuristic flick focuses on the forecasted fate of ‘Chief John Anderton’ (Tom Cruise). A leader of the crime prevention bureau, ‘Anderton’ is used to hunting down potential killers, arresting them before their predicted homicidal fate has come to fruition. But when the “precogs,” psychics who have premonitions of future crimes, predict he will soon commit a murder, ‘Anderton’ goes on the run. Is our fate predetermined or can we change it? In the case of ‘John Anderton,’ his future may have been manipulated by someone with an ulterior motive. Directed by Steve Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise, Samantha Morton, Colin Farrell and Max Von Sydow, ‘Minority Report’ received an Oscar nomination for Sound Editing.

So there you have it, some of the scariest, creepiest, corrupt villains in cinema! Look through the film clips and vote on your favorite Tom Cruise movie villain. We’ll let you know the results in a separate blog, so check back soon. The TomCruise.com team wants our friends on Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, Gree or Weibo to get in on the action too. VOTE for your favorite villain now!
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  • Ashley D. DJ Vampiri

    none of those, I like him as Lestat in Interview with a Vampire.

  • Mandy williams


  • Jordan Hubert

    what about tom cruise as the villain himself in collateral?

  • Jenbelland

    What no Lestat from Interview with a Vampire??  Currently reading Queen of the Damned where Lestat takes center stage.  That was the best villian for Tom Tom.  :-)

  • Max

    My favorite villain was Owen Davian (played by Philip Seymour Hoffman) from Mission Impossible 3

  • xiao

    Didn’t learn English kids
    hurt, see
    Tom Sina micro
    - blog
    Ah, Super aitangmukelusi, basic see
    Cruise movie,
    there is a
    sense of accomplishment,
    don’t know
    to China?

  • Mandy williams

    legend i love this film,one of my favorite it so so good to see it on here fantastico xxx

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  • oishi chakrabarti