MTV’s “Triple Threat,” Julianne Hough, Says She Was Rescued By Tom Cruise!

“I would say Tom Cruise rescued me,” Julianne Hough told Jay Leno during her October 10, 2011 appearance on ‘The Tonight Show.’ Apparently the young star was injured while filming ‘Rock of Ages’ and said Tom jumped right in to help her, referring her to his chiropractor, making sure she was okay and even bringing her fruit on set. Julianne confided to Jay that Tom was “really nice and super sweet. He definitely had my back and I was like, ‘Tom Cruise likes me.’”

You can watch Julianne’s entire ‘The Tonight Show’ interview below.


While she may best known for cutting a rug as a two-time champion on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ but these days Julianne Hough (@juliannehough) is kicking up her heels in Hollywood.  Named “Most Likely to Be a Triple Threat” by MTV, Julianne has transitioned from a reality television star to a successful country music singer and now stars in two high-profile movies; a remake ‘80s hit, ‘Footloose’ and the film adaptation of ‘Rock of Ages’ with Tom Cruise.

What does the Utah native think of all this? As you would guess, Julianne is very excited, telling News Australia, “I’m like, ‘What is happening? Holy cow! This is crazy’.”

Julianne admitted that she almost didn’t do ‘Rock of Ages’ because she thought she should try to branch out instead of doing another musical. But once she discovered she could be working with awarding-winning actors like Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin (@AlecBaldwin), Russell Brand (@rustyrockets), Mary J. Blige (@MaryJBlige), Malin Akerman, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Diego Boneta (@DiegoBoneta), she quickly changed her mind.

As she explained to Collider, Julianne found working on ‘Rock of Ages’ very rewarding because “they all are seasoned actors, and they all changed a little bit to play these roles. They were all a little bit intimidated by the next person, so by the time we all came together, there were no egos anywhere. Everybody was wanting to learn from everybody, from all different directions. It was really fascinating and really cool.”

Like director Adam Shankman (@adammshankman), Julianne said working on ‘Rock of Ages’ was “weird good.” As the small-town girl with rock star dreams, ‘Sherrie Christian,’ the dancer/singer/actress performs “Rock You Like A Hurricane” with Tom (as rocker ‘Stacee Jaxx’) well as “Harden my Heart” and “Shadows of the Night” with Mary J. Blige (as gentlemen’s nightclub owner ‘Justice Charlier’) in the big screen adaptation of the Tony-nominated Broadway musical. Surprised at how far and how quickly her career had progressed, Julianne joked to Collider, “I was like, “How?! What am I doing?! I’m dressing up like an ‘80s girl, on set with Tom Cruise, and I’m best friends with Mary J. Blige now, and my mom was in a scene with Catherine Zeta-Jones!” It’s the weirdest thing ever, but the greatest thing ever.”

Tom was also very happy to work with “the lovely” Julianne. As Tom enthusiastically told Ryan Seacrest during a radio interview this past July, “she’s an enormously talented lady. A great actress and obviously everyone knows her dance skills but you just see as an actress how she’s creating this character and really killing it!”

No matter how fast her star is rising, the two-time ‘Mirror Ball’ Champion has maintained her wide-eyed enthusiasm. Humbly accepting her MTV honor, the Julianne said, “every day, I am shocked and surprised and so excited that anybody would want to put me in any kind of list or category as up and comers. That’s the dream.”

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Check out Julianne getting “footloose” in the trailer below and don’t forget to watch her kick off her Sunday shoes with her ‘Footloose’ co-star, Kenny Wormald (‘Ren McCormack’), on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 ‘Dancing with the Stars’ results show!