Launches New Fan Page on GREE – The Popular Japanese Mobile Social Networking Site

クリックして訪問へ Tom Cruise Gree のページ


日本ではトムクルーズのファン:あなたは最高です! The team is excited to introduce you to our new Tom Cruise page on GREE! Launched earlier today, we can’t wait to connect with you on one of the most popular social networking sites in Japan.

Tom has traveled to Japan several times, most recently for the Japanese premiere of ‘Knight and Day’.

When Tom visited Tokyo for the premiere of  ‘Knight and Day,’ the warmth and generosity of his fans was overwhelming! As you can see below, Tom was fortunate to meet many of you in person, signing autographs and taking photos with fans, as he walked the red carpet at Roppongi Hills Arena.

Inspired by the love and support of Tom’s Japanese fans, the team has launched the official Tom Cruise GREE page!

Described as being “like Facebook, but with a stronger gaming bent” by Kotaku, “GREE is one of Japan’s biggest gaming services, allowing over 25 million users to play against each other using their mobile phones” according to ‘Forbes.’

And since the company acquired OpenFient in April 2011, one of the largest mobile gaming networks for iOs and Android devices in the world, says the GREE network “reaches more than 140 million users worldwide.”

With more than 90 percent of its users accessing the site via their mobile phones we can keep you up-to-date with all the latest Tom Cruise news wherever you are!

We look forward to hearing from our new GREE friends and welcome the opportunity to connect with fans around the world on Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and Weibo! Don’t forget to sign up for the Newsletter today for your VIP pass to insider news, events and contests.




  • Maki Nishida

    Hi, Tom and Tomcruise team.
    i know Tom since of course top gun movie, outsider, born on 4th of jury, so very long time fan, i think…
    ive been reading and learn Tom’s thinking and his attitude makes me change…
    ive seen lots of foreginers, though im kind of impressive the attitude that he loves japanese culture and have respect to it…thank you so much i think… amazingly i am reviewing japanese good point from the movie ‘Last samurai’. Ken watanabe was good at acting, as a sametime, i was touched the tom’s mind to japan.
    = Maki Nishida from japan