Top Gun Blu-Ray 25th Anniversary Edition Set for Release August 30, 2011!




You don’t need a pilot’s vision to see the highway to the danger zone, with the Tom Cruise movie Top Gun getting a special Blu-Ray release for the 25th anniversary of the 1980s classic. The latest revamp for the anniversary celebration of the iconic film depicting the lives of United States Naval Aviators is primed to hit stores on August 30th, 2011

‘Top Gun’ put the afterburners on Tom’s career, launching him into the stratosphere of movie acting. The new release does the same for the film, packing in new features including audio commentary from director Tony Scott, super-producer Jerry Bruckheimer, co-writer Jack Epps, Jr. and several navel experts. Other features include multi-angle storyboards from the film with an optional commentary by Scott, interviews with Tom Cruise, music videos of hugely popular songs from the film soundtrack by Kenny Loggins (“Danger Zone”) and Berlin (‘Take My Breath Away”) as well as behind-the-scenes featurettes.

Paramount Home Entertainment packaged the two-disc 25th Anniversary Edition inside an eco-case along with a digital copy of the movie you can play on your computer. In all, this ‘Top Gun’ Blu-ray is a total film experience!

The team at is looking forward to checking out this new release with all the awesome extras. We’re polishing our aviator sunglasses in anticipation and sending the flight jacket to the cleaners.

Until you take home the new release, we’ll have to sate ourselves with clips from the original. Take a look below at one of our favorites:

That’s it, if you need us, we’ll be practicing our tower fly-bys.

Scheduled for release on August 30, 2011, you can place your order for the ‘Top Gun’ 25th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray + Digital Copy) disc on Amazon today!

What do you think of the latest release of ‘Top Gun’ Blu-ray disc for the 25th anniversary of the Tom Cruise movie? Are you planning on picking it up? Let us know in the comments section!

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  • Maria Magalhu00e3es

    You would be the wall, if we will be not having much time to spend in this world spending our time to being crying tears and reaping tears or be Planting Love and reaping flowers, if we will be have more time.n

  • Romdhane gayth

    i love this film

  • Romdhane gayth

    i love this film

  • Graddycris

    Yes! Absolutely! lol

  • Mandy williams

    i love this movie so does my husband so will be buying him the blue ray for his birthday on the 12 may but as he is in the navy wont be home till the 19 june so we will be watching it on the 20 lol x x x

  • Rickhunter21

    It is a myst have!!!

  • Yannick Skonkine

    Tom you’re my favorite actor since ever !!! =P

  • Matthew Hansen

    I had seen the announcement for this a while back and have been waiting anxiously for this week for it to come out – but nobody has it listed in any ads and Amazon has pulled it from pre-order. What is the story on this? Is it still being released this Tuesday?? I sure hope so – I have been waiting for this release plus I think the cover art on that slip cover is much better looking than previous releases’ covers

  • cristian

    Best price you can buy.

  • Liz Foster

    Tom would really love to own this movie again! I think I must have been the first person to buy it when it came out on VHS and people thought I was silly when I had to ask for it. Congratulation on 25 years of a great American Movie.

  • Carolina Gomez

    I felt in love with You in Top Gun, and when I met my husband, at 15 I felt in love with him, now I’m 38 and we still together, and we enjoy see your movies. He even says, honey if I see Tom, I will bring him to you, because of him you defenetly love me..jajajajaja…

    Thanks Tom and team for been so dynamic!

  • roushni

    Congrats for the super 25, I have watched this movie more than 150 times :) true fan!

  • Janislafreniere

    I remember sitting in the front row for #TOPGUN, and my neck hurt, because of all of the manuevers that the planes made, and I thought what at a movie! Still love it! I had a friend who was Top Gun pilot at the time too, so it was extra special. It was groundbreaking then, it’s great to watch now!

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  • Bernice policastro

    loved knight and day…good movie Tom

  • kerryann

    mavrick you  big stud take me to bed or lose me for ever ahay

  • kerryann

    mavrick is cute inthis movie

  • C. Alexander

    I wanted to comment on this months Trivia question to win “Knight and Day” DVD… The musical premiered in Los Angeles at The Vanguard Hollywood in Jan. 2006… the Original Broadway Cast for the role of Drew Boley was Constantine Maroulis and he will make an appearance in the 2012 film “Rock of Ages” with Tom Cruise as Stacee Jaxx and Diego Boneta as Drew Boley…and of course many other wonderful cast members…..

  • MkultraJen

    I’m watching Top Gun w/ story notes on AMC. Always wondered: was there un Air conditioning problem on the location of the film because in most classroom shots,an pilot briefing room even in Fightertown Bar,there were rotary fans everywhere and everyone on screen was sweating like crazy.

  • Brian boyle

    Any News on when this is being released in the uk??