Brad Bird Talks About Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol PLUS the NEW ‘Ethan Hunt’ Photo

Tom Cruise Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

Photo credit: David James © 2011 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

As the excitement builds for the premiere of ‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol,’ Paramount Pictures just released this promo photo of a hooded Tom Cruise as ‘Ethan Hunt’ calmly walking away from the Kremlin as Russia’s Red Square burns.

The film’s director, Brad Bird, told Yahoo! Movies that the image was taken from the beginning of the film, setting off the explosive action of  ‘M:I – Ghost Protocol’ right from the start. The two-time Oscar winning director also discussed the challenges and rewards of making his live action film directorial debut as well as the origin of the film’s title.

In the eagerly anticipated fourth installment of the ‘Mission: Impossible’ film series, IMF agent, ‘Ethan Hunt’ and his team have been accused of a bombing at the Kremlin and they must rogue in order to clear the organization’s name. As Brad explained to ‘Movie Talk,’ “they’re a group cutoff and that’s what that Ghost Protocol of the title means.  Essentially, they don’t have any big support from the IMF.  They’re out on their own.”

Check out the ‘Ghost Protocol’ trailer for a full-on adrenaline rush!

‘Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol’ starring Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, and Paula Patton is scheduled to premiere this December.

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  • BongBong

    Looks incredible. Brad Bird is really going to raise the bar with this one.

  • Ery Lutfi S

    cool !
    can’t wait the movie >.<

  • Carolyn Marion

    Ok .Mission Impossiable- Ghost Protocol is crazy.. this is the best so far! Soooo sick I am in love with this already ! . The complete package is spot on for todays market, really outdone yourselfs everyone….Bravo on the new #1 film fer sure. Brilliant from the cast to the music and visual! I cant wait to ck the entire film out and I am reccomending this film to all who want the hottest film of the yr! Lol C-so Sexy and rad Thx Tom for putting this project tog it rocks hard! Carolyn

  • Carolyn Marion

    This is the best Mission Impossible ever…Ghost Protocol is soooo sick ! From the music to the action and cast- it is sexy and wild! I am so stoked and cant wait to see the entire movie. This is sure to please all of us … adrenaline junkies,couch potatoes, soul surfers nerds whatever there was some thing for all of us…really nice the way it all meshed tog in a fast sexy ride sure to please all…dont miss this one on the big screen.M&M music was edgy and raw and made it even better! Lets go to the movies…who is in?

  • Ed Rus

    ….can’t wait for the premier of Mission Impossibele 4 : Ghost Protocol.

  • Ed Rus

    …cant wait for the premier of  Mission Impossible 4 : Ghost Protocol.

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    wow!! damn action.. i expect more in the movie.

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    tom cruise is my no.#1idol… since..when im was a elementary and highschool…so i like and i want any movie for him…can u give me like any other one…do u will..thank u…

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    Just watched Vanilla Sky again.. Always blows my mind! x

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    i love tom cruis so much since i was 7 now i am 32

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    Your movie is coming along great, Love!

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    I hope this one is similar to the first film, which was the best in my opinion. Definitely looking forward to this new one!

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    superb pic

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    looks Amazing!!!

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     I love you and movie wow!!  is cool~!

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    love u tom definitly this one is best b/c its tom’s movie

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     M I Ghost P. looks like a good movie, throughly enjoyed Knight and the action.
    Like to C U getting into character in “Day’s of Thunder” ;)
    It always intrigued me watching an actor living their character.
    Ty Tom, for being such a great actor

  • Isy_usta

    Tom, you are the best!

    Thank you for making such brilliant movies, which inspires not only me but many others I know as well. My son and I, we are very exited and are counting the days to the premier of Ghost Protokol.

    You are also my hero in real life! Thank you again for being here and doing what you do!

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    I see it looks like a new lead lady was cast after all…. I know there was some thought going into that before the filming had started. Jeremy has a pretty well rounded background in acting and has come a long way. Being that he started not all that far in california from were I am, to now working with Tom on a new MI movie is very cool and gives me a bit more hope to do the same some day. He has lived out a dream of mine. But it shows me that it can be done. One day, one day….. Next Mission Impossible.