Tom Cruise Is ‘Jack Reacher’ In ‘One Shot’ Movie

The team is excited to confirm that Tom Cruise will play the rugged Jack Reacher in the movie ‘One Shot,’ adapted from the 2005 Lee Child novel.

In ‘One Shot,’ Jack Reacher travels to Indiana to investigate the murder of five people gunned down by a sniper. The police easily track and capture the lone gunman, James Barr, but the seemingly airtight case is anything but when Reacher gets involved.

Retired from an elite investigative unit of the military police, Jack Reacher drifts around the country carrying only his passport, his military pension and the clothes on his back. Although Reacher doesn’t go looking for trouble, trouble often finds him and when it does, the ex-MP jumps right in, using his brain as much as his brawn.

Author Lee Child provides some insight into the origin of ‘Jack Reacher.’

To date, 15 Jack Reacher novels have been published and according to Lee Child’s official site, the 16th book in the series, ‘The Affair,’ is scheduled for release on September 27, 2011.

Based on the New York Times Best Selling Jack Reacher series, ‘One Shot’ marks the big screen debut of the popular Lee Child character. According to ‘Variety,’ Christopher McQuarrie will direct and write the screenplay adaption.

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    As I look Rosamund Pike’s IMDB listing over, she looks a lot more familiar than I realize.  I do believe I’ve already seen several of her movies even if she’s not talked about in the tabloids.   But, that doesn’t mean that I’ven’t seen anything she’s done. Evidently, I’ve seen a number of things she’s done. Especially, Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond films.  I really like Pierce Brosnan as James Bond.  He made an ideal Bond and I think he’d make a great return if they returned _Remington_Steele_ to the T.V. set.  Also, his co-star there, who played “Laura Holt”, is Stephanie Zimbalist, is also a good prospective co-star for Mr. Cruise, if they want an actress in any film who doesn’t attract the paparazzi interest for some reason.  I don’t think I’d qualify for getting up paparazzi interest, either, you see.  But, one never knows.

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