We Asked: “What Is Your Favorite Action Movie And Why?”

Last week we hit the official TomCruise.com social channels to ASK YOU:

We received a wealth of responses and wanted to share a few of YOUR top Action movie choices!

A number of your comments on the www.TomCruise.com blog mentioned that a good storyline, believable characters and realistic fights are WAY more satisfying than high-tech gadgets and sappy endings.

Other community members loved fast-paced fight scenes and dramatic visual effects. Don’t we all!

Most everyone agreed that their favorite part of watching an action movie is to sit back and enjoy the ride. For the team here at TomCruise.com, it’s often that we find ourselves with a need…A need for speed ;) Without further delay, here are some of the films that keep YOU on the edge of your seat!

Responses from the www.TomCruise.com Twitter Channel told us you enjoy action movies series featuring heroes with a strong moral compass fighting against impossible odds…

When our www.TomCruise.com Facebook friends joined the conversation, the seemed partial to stylish action movies with fast cars, revolutionary action sequences and unexpected twists….

That just about does it! Thank you for all for your great responses. The TomCruise.com team loves hearing what keeps your blood pumping and your adrenaline flowing in all your favorite action movies! For your daily dose of nail biting sequences keep an eye out for intense clips & pics from Tom’s best action flicks on the TomCruise.com Twitter, Facebook, Sina Weibo, and Orkut channels!


  • Ahmed_aymantifa

    mission impossible

  • Anonymous

    One of my favorite movies that Mr. Tom Cruise has played in Is “War Of The Worlds,” and “The Last Samurai”  Because he:
    1. Looks good
    2. He is a Great actor
    3. I do not care what anyone else says about him, he has got it going on for himself, and there is nothing wrong with that….

  • http://www.facebook.com/rund.qaddoumi Rund Qaddoumi

    I love Tom Cruse very much your movies is nice and my favorite is “Mission Impossible3″    

  • http://www.facebook.com/rund.qaddoumi Rund Qaddoumi

    I love Tom Cruse 

  • http://www.facebook.com/rund.qaddoumi Rund Qaddoumi

    I love Tom Cruse very much and your movies are very nice and my favorite is Mission Impossible 3 .  

  • Anonymous

    I notice some very interestingly significant similarities in almost (if not all) movies Tom Cruise does…  Anyone else?  (mirrors/bathrooms – Vanilla Sky, War of the Worlds, Jerry McGuire, Minority Report-, crowded rooms where “everyone loves him” – Vanilla Sky, Jerry McGuire, Minority Report, -  him being singled out and having to overcome the entire world – or part of the world that affects him the most- having flaws blatantly in the characters, and always resolving issues by searching himself) seems to be a lot of personal involvement hidden under those lines or maybe the directors are trying to tell him something?  Either way it dives me some insight into who this talented person is, and why he is where he is and I where I am… 

  • Combs Brett

    I have to say you are one of the best in this category. I loved night and day for the bravado and humor that played against the incredible scenes in the early car chases. I’ve watched it twice and it will be like so many other films I can watch again and again. Thanks Tom. 

    Also have to include the Bourne series of films for a similar reason. The action is great and and made better by the characters discovery of his skills as he goes along.

    Great to be asked for an opinion.

    Brett Combs

  • Apache192277

    In all series of mission impossible—-having great science and fiction term movie!!!!!!
    and fiction jst like “italian job” which i like very much !!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Favorite all time action flicks are the Bourne movies, too damn good and so is Matt

  • Guest

    I like all of the ‘James Bond’ films, but my favorites are the ones with Pierce Brosnan as 007. 

  • Sehreen

    Mission impossible all series and war of the world….ohh superb, my all time favourite moviez..!!!!

  • Swana_am

    I will love them all.  As long as he’s in it.  All is good.  I like royalty and romance.

  • Swana

    Top gun is the inspire ones because it has everything from the sky to the sea, the change room and classmates, sport and family.  Men in uniform.