We Asked: “What Movie Has Inspired You and Why?”

Last week we asked you…

We received tons of great responses that helped us get to know you a little bit better, so we wanted to share them with you!

Responses like the following from Shazzy and Jonathan L. show us how movies comprised of the archetypal “hero’s journey” continue to inspire us and that the simple but powerful experience of viewing a film can influence one’s career choice and motivate us to pursue our dreams!

From Shazzy:

From Jonathan L:

The following #inspirationalmovies responses from the www.TomCruise.com Twitter Channel tell us how some movies teach us how to accept ourselves, embrace life, overcome challenges, and do good in the world.

Our www.TomCruise.com Facebook friends also joined in and shared their inspirational movie selections, with some great responses:

In addition, we also had a few Indian Films mentioned, like the ones below from Supriya P. via the www.TomCruise.com blog:

Thank you for the telling us about these films, Supriya!

…and thank you all for your great responses, we love learning about you and what movies mean to you!

The TomCruise.com Team

  • Zoe Jiang

    Amélie. She let me love my life! Wonderful color and engaging music!

  • bunohas

    i have inspired with the movie gladietor and the last samurai for cause its explain culture, soft emotions..

  • Howard Goldsmith

    Good Will Hunting! The movie moves me.
    It’s perfect in every way.

  • http://www.tomcruise.com/blog/2011/06/20/we-asked-what-movie-has-inspired-you-and-why/ nabeela

    all Taylor Perry’s movies–why?? he but so many stories in our world that most of the movies lately didn’t bring thesis kind of problem in funny way or drama – i love (diary of mad black woman) when you think you make the right choice by taking someone rich or whatever .. its hard when you find your self living with someone and no love and caring between them…

  • Richard C. Burton

    I would have to say the new Mission impossible 4: Ghost Protocol! I was Tom’s Stand-In for the Vancouver shoot and he is the REAL DEAL, the most imperational person I’ve met!!! And be prepared world, this is going to be an awesome film!

  • nabeela

    all Taylor Perry’s movies- – i love (diary of mad black woman) when you think you make the right choice by taking someone rich or whatever thats bring happiness .. its hard when you find your self living with someone and no love and caring between them and you should enjoy life…

  • http://Fun4all.ucoz.com Avinash

    I am fully inspired from the movie mission impossible 2. In this movie tom cruise has marvellous expressions on his face. Well done tom cruise.

  • naaz khan

    i think so i loved the’war of the worlds’ a lot its a very gr8 movie of human being attackd by the aleins or the super power,well executed,animated an atced by the whole of the cast,specially i loved the attachemnt of a dad and children even tough thy r not togethr ,i love the character protrayed by tom sir,i love him a lot by nw i hv watch the movie 40-45 times still its a fresh one for me,,n ofcurse ‘the last samurai’.oh i love tom cruise

  • Leah Hale

    The best movie that inspired me was Jerry Maguire. I seen it on Mother’s Day and it gave me such a good feeling. I love the movie even after I had already seen it I had to buy it on video. It helped that Tom Cruise played in the movie too :). I liked that he gave everything he had to help someone else and loved the funny parts. What can I say it was Mother’s Day and I took my daughter that was 5 years old at the time and all she remembers was it was the I love you movie :). Good movie, I will always love Jerry Maguire.

  • http://www.womanofwonder.net angela elizabeth aldom

    Life is beautiful! would inspire anyone, it shows when it comes to protecting our children the strength of the human spirit knows no bounds or limits of imagination. An amazing, moving and sometimes very funny film even tho it is set during the holocaust. xxx

  • Mohammad Asif

    I am inspired much by the movie War of the World, Which is predicting future of the world that the world can face many challenges nd etc, I love that movie nd too Walkirie, nd Mission impossible collections.

  • Mohammad Asif

    War of the world has inspired me due to the reason it shows challenges which can be faced by the world in the future.

  • Jamie

    To Kill A Mockingbird…enough said. The innocence of it all. Never judge.

  • http://wiseguyproductions.ca Phil Nicols

    War of the Worlds — teaches us that we can beat the aliens when they come.
    Conan the Librarian — That Which Does Not Kill us Makes us Stronger

  • http://www.soundaryasingh.wordpress.com soundarya singh

    I agree with supriya ,I have seen THREE IDIOTS,and UDANN both are great inspirational movies

  • Matthew

    I am legend, helped to show how important having people around you is, ya get me.

  • Eric

    Born on the fourth of july was very insperational

  • http://www.facebook.com Sonrisa Queen

    All tom cruise movies are sooooooooooo wooooooooow but my favorite is mission impossible 2 :D & jerry magwire :D

  • Lee J. Miller

    I would have to one movie that inspires me, is one you had a part in. The Outsiders. It shows that life is a fragile thing, not to be wished away, or wasted. We all think we are going to live forever when we’re young.

  • Dolf

    “Ordinary people” with Mary Tyler Moore, Donald Sutherland, Judd Hirsch and the great Timothy Hutton. No movie has affected me more. Great acting: I love Tim Hutton’s part but also Mary T. M is fantastic as the mother who can’t cope with the loss of her son……

  • zakia

    Hello your excellences i like all your movies and Hollywood movies especially war of the world, and samurai has inspired me , but i like movies with true story and romantic also the movies from time and future and i Love story man between stranger from out ere space and mystery, and for really you are main true inspiration , Thank you very much your noble excellences, We love you and the rest van world love’s you for forever, God blessing

  • http://www.tomcruise.com shelley grant


  • Maria Ines Bittencourt

    I think I will not answer, because I’m never selected. I think that not read my answers. Heck, I’m your fan card-carrying, and I’m not mentioned, snif …
    Top Gun, because I remember the great love that is military, he even looks like you! kisses

  • Blanca Rosa Miranda

    Another movie that has always inspired me was The English Patient. The integrity and spiritual stamina needed to do the right thing and the triumph of love amongst very believable war settings. It has breath taking photography, too.

  • Lenora

    Though I have several favorite movies, of them one is Jerry MaGuire! Why, this movie is smart, funny and there’s romance. As my own movie critic, this movie was not only a chick flick but manly too! It wasn’t the underlying romantic story, (which was important), it was his scruples he discovered. He was on top and had to pick himself back up, dust himself off, and try again, try again! The movie came out when I was going through a big life change and I was inspired not only by the great story, but, by the Dicky Fox coaching tidbits too. From the discovering of his scruples, he learned values, loving others and recognizing the worth of another, but, in the end, it was courage, perseverance and love that conquered all!

  • c

    Man, you rock in the Mission Impossibe movies. Just saw trailer for Ghost Protocol. Awsome!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dean-Toxteth-Waste-Browne/661716450 Dean Toxteth Waste Browne

    If I was to pick a Tom Cruise film, I just couldn’t, they are all entertaining, especially the amazing performance he delivered in Tropic Thunder  which was just superb, it so good in-fact  I never got on to it even being Tom.
    Too pick a favorite is hard, with such inspiring classics like Star wars, The Goonies ,Scar face and The Shorshank  Redemption .
    But to pick one that change not just the way I appreciate an actors, Directors or script writers talent ,This film has also changed script writing in the film industry becoming
    the god-farther of all great movies with good twist at the end that
    leaves you gob smacked and your jaw hanging because you never it coming.

     it also inspired me too go back to college at the age of 36 to do my English, Maths and film making course after losing my memory and suffering with agoraphobia  for 10 years.

    So therefore my best action film would  be USUAL SUSPECTS 

  • Allail_allail

    Tom Cruise have a strong personality to bring the attention of girls and make girls wilt in front of you you’re wonderful Kalordh