Tom Cruise Rocks As Stacee Jaxx On The Rock Of Ages Set

LIVE TO ROCK! Your FIRST glance at Tom rocking out as Stacee Jaxx on the Rock of Ages movie set -TeamTC

Tom Cruise Stacee Jaxx Rock of Ages MovieClick for large version

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  • sanjuro

    Ok, this is impressive. He looks really convincing on this shot. And this comes from a guy who likes heavy and death metal.

  • cruz



    Thank you very much your Noble Excellence , We love you and we still love you for forever, years 80 is best time, God bless

  • carina

    hallo!,I am admiration seu work continued thus!!!kiss

  • http://yahoo edith rice

    I am sooooo looking forward to seeing Tom in Rock of Ages! Keep up the good work Tom.

  • zakia

    Rock of Ages, Wow You Look Great and Wonderful, We Love You and We still Love You for forever and eternal Our the Best Hero In The World, That God bless Your Noble Excellence, Thank you

  • Nikki

    You look amazing, Tom! You are flawless at everything you do, and your passion is appreciated by each and every fan :)

  • Sharla Adkins

    It is neat seeing Tom Cruise loosening up and having some fun with his acting, at least he looks to be having fun! First with Les Grossman and now with Stacee Jaxx!! If he dances as good as Stacee as he did as Les, this ought to be one heck of a show!!!

  • Dean

    Awesome pic, can’t wait to see the movie.

  • http://Tom's corky

    I love love love him… I cant wait to see the movie…

  • Elizabeth

    I absolutely LOVE Tom Cruise!!! I got an autographed photo of him for my 16th birthday that said “Happy Birthday Lizzie”. I’m 29 now and it’s one of my most treasured things!!!!! I’m so excited about all the buzz being created for this movie and can’t wait to hear him sing. Tom, you are AMAZING!!! Keep up the great work on and off screen!!! You are a champion and we all admire you and your work.

  • Thea

    You ROCK Tom!
    Flawless as ususal. You’re an inspiration.

    A great actor, the best in our generation!
    Your are Loved Tom.

    Hugs from Sweden.

  • Monica

    He is the best he will rock it
    Tom cruise is great

  • Monica

    You rock

  • Monica

    Tom cruise you are the best ever ,I know it’s almost your birthday so happy birthday and you are the best actor ever hope to meet you some day!!!

  • Angey7

    WOW.. TOM YOU ROCK! lol Perfect for this part omg! So sexy woot! woot! lol ;) Hey I can’t help it! Ur smokin hot babes.

  • sunrise0814

    Suggestion….would love to see this ROA photo made into a desktop background download! YES YeS!! So Hot!! ♥♥♥♥♥Love Tom♥♥♥♥♥

  • Elizabeth Strand

    Honey, you are one hunk of gorgeous man. Rock on!

  • Xsqphil

    Constantine Maroulis is the original cast member joining Tom in the film version.

  • Samamfee


  • janey

    OMG…..that is a rock s*x god!!  Tom you are so very, very hot on every level.

  • Thais

    My eyes!!!! What a amazing vision!!! You hair should be that long ALL THE TIME!!!! Love ya!!!!

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  • Kim Kekes

    Well never posted on a star site,,, but gotta say you totally impressed this Canuck!!
    Saw the movie again tonight! Couldn’t stop laughing (Brand scene) took hubby this time
    and he really enjoyed it too!
    You have a great set of pipes Mr. Cruise!! Enjoyed hearing you ‘Rock”
    it was pure fun and brought back so many memories for us!!!