We Asked: “What Movie Would You See 10 Times and Why?”

A couple of days ago we asked you to tell us which movie, (ANY movie, not just a Tom Cruise movie), you would watch 10 times and why, and we wanted to share all of the great responses we received from you guys via the www.TomCruise.com Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, and Orkut Channels! Some of the films that we saw mentioned often were Pretty Woman, Top Gun, Dirty Dancing, A Few Good Men, and The Godfather

It was so interesting to us to see your comments about your favorite movies and just WHY you would watch them 10 times or more…It’s continually fascinating to us to learn from YOU, about how deeply movies affect your lives and why.

@Amandahoosen revealed on Twitter that she’s seen ‘A Few Good Men’ over 1,000 times and had the dialogue completely memorized! Amanda, really? 1,000?!? If that’s true I think we need to give you something very special in return!

There were also philosophical lessons learned from movies evidently like this one from Fabiana on Facebook:

Some of our Twitter friends, made us laugh with their responses, especially this one from @RenateHarris:

But there were tons more that caught our eye, take a look below at a few more responses from our friends around the world!

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  • VALE46GP

    In French !! love you and moto ;)

  • http://TWITEER RALPH

    ricke bussines and lion lanbel
    All of his films have very good fabric top gun is my favorite for the plot and the technology

  • http://@juninhoradium Junior Santos

    Batman – The Dark Knight Because of the interrogation scene between Batman (Christian Bale) and Joker (Heath Ledger), Heath Ledger was one of the best actors the world has ever known.

  • لولوه البنت السعوديه

    i want to say something before I say what movies I prefer You are a star and came to the world, however I feel you are very humble person with all of the love you felt that everyone see you as a close friend not just an artist watching his movies are engaged everyone in their joys and Tsaadhm a lot and when they need you I know that will not leave them alone in spite of all Mahakgueth of success in your life but you are marked by stars from the rest of esteem for all of that you are specialAnd very good I myself did not imagine having someone like you in the world of Hollywood not know arrogance and you are very simple so I love you very much and I love the action movie Mission: Impossible all LinkBacks not this film special, because I have not seen your latest will not promise you I will see him very soon, you are best actor in Hollywood are all because the morals of good and distinct love you very muchI am an Arab girl and my name of Lulwa I wish you success with all my heart I am very happy to communicate with you and you made ​​me proud of the people you are following

  • marian Deaconu

    The last samurai is great!!

  • Luke Lascheit

    Hey Tom, you ruuuuule!!! Some movies that I could see 10 times are, Titanic, Terminator 2, and ofcourse plenty of your great works, Minority Report, Born On The Fourth of July, Knight And Day, Mission: Impossible. Keep on rocking Tom!!!

  • kratik joshi

    i wached mission imposibal 2 106 times coz i like tom*s action.

  • hanna

    but.. i’ve already watched Knight And Day 10 times…………

  • Janet Ross

    I saw “Mary Poppins” 10 times as child and watching with children…..and I would watch it again…because pure fun…NOW! I would like to be free as Dr.Mattar’s prison for 22 years…maybe he is from another planet “God of Rain”…peace(i could not plan my children,my activities,enjoy life)

  • Janet Ross

    many movies would be fun 10 times with good friends…peace

  • Janet Ross

    “Mission Impossible” rescue Karim from Egypt…want friend for life…peace

  • Sharon House

    The two movies that I have seen over 500 times are Top Gun and My Fair Lady! I love Top Gun because I like the close friendship between Goose and Maverick, how he overcame the loss. I also love, love looking at jet airplances and Tom Cruise. Doesn’t get better!! My Fair Lady, because it is just a joy to behold. I love everything about it. I just feel happy after watching it.

  • Carolyn

    Gladiator….”Strength and Honor” in all you do!!

  • Elizabeth

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Disney’s Fantasia. I received this as a gift from my brother when I was 9 years old. I’ve watched this film over and over and over. I love the music and the stories. I have recently bought this on DVD so my kids could see what Iinspired me as a child and it’s about the only time they will ever be quiet. It’s amazing to see them so engrossed in this film as I was when I was younger. Also another film I really really love is Pretty Woman. And Bubble Boy. It’s hilarious and I know all the funny punch lines.

  • Elizabeth

    Oh, I forgot to mention my all-time favorite…the original Willy Wonka. Love the music and the story line. And seriously, who doesn’t love chocolate!?!?!

  • Bellah

    I love all of TCs movies but I think he would like this one too– SOMETHING NEW.
    My husband is ‘vanilla’ and I’m ‘chocolate’ and this movie was about an interracial relationship, like ours. But the very very cool thing was that the woman (black) and the man (white) started out on a blind date. (How appropriate.) And at first she just dismissed him because it was not on her ‘list’ of the type of man she would date to go out with a white guy. Now the very very very cool thing about this movie is how the guy actually controls this woman ever so precisely and calmly and with lots of affection (but not a lot at first) that she sees that she can be herself (bossy, prissy, opinionated, a bit stuck up, yet really really beautiful) and he sees all of this and wins her over despite all kinds of twists and turns in the film. It’s an interesting and fascinating take on what it takes to win a really smart woman over. Ya gotta see it. Oh and Simon Baker and Sanaa Latham star.

  • Pepper Willis

    There are many that I love to watch over an over. Jim Hensen’s Labyrinth I fell in love with as a kid. Dune (the original with Patric Stewert as Gurney Halleck) is a big fave. Legend with Mr. Cruise as Jack, because I absolutely loved the unicorns and the frozen cottage. The Princess Bride because it’s the greatest love story ever. And the Little Mermaid, because I love singing “part of your world” with my daughter over and over again.

  • Pepper Willis

    Oh, and all 6 of the Star Wars movies! And The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. And The Wizard of Oz. And the Harry Potter movies. And Anne of Green Gables. And, and, and. The list goes on. Each one has a real message and it really communicates. Each one of my favorites is, to me, a perfect example of the definition of ART!

  • Anonymous

    TOP GUN i lost the count