Tom Cruise Talks Rock of Ages, Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, to Access Hollywood

Working on the upcoming movies Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and Rock of Ages, Tom Cruise took a break to catch up with the good folks at Access Hollywood to update fans on the movie magic! The actor has been hard at work filming the fourth installment in the Mission: Impossible film series before quickly shifting gears for the rock musical adapted to film from the hit Broadway show!

That’s dedication to the craft of acting! Covering all the bases for fans, Tom’s been hustling to keep the stunts incredible while quickly learning songs and singing. It’s got to be a challenging change of pace.

We’re out of breath just writing about it. ;)

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is in post-production under the watch of director Brad Bird following shoots in locales as diverse as Prague, Dubai and Vancouver. Tom returns as super agent Ethan Hunt, joined by Simon Pegg in a reprisal of his role as technician Benji Dunn. The crew now includes Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner. The story was written and co-produced by Misson: Impossible III director J.J. Abrams.

And after walking away from that shoot, Tom’s now in training to play rocker Stacee Jaxx in the film adaptation of the musical, Rock of Ages. Joining director Adam Shankman, Tom expands his experience to include singing and playing guitar on rock hits from the 1980s. Rock of Ages tells the tale of a fictional rock club from the era’s infamous Sunset Strip. Movie fans can expect their fill of fantastic songs, lyrics and music-laden story.

Tom gives his take on Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and Rock of Ages in the video from Hulu above. :)

So what do you think about the upcoming Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol? Are you just as excited or more so for Rock of Ages? Or are you ready to see both!? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • Chris Bryan

    Do you plan to grow your hair out really, really long, and try to get it really, really thick for the _Rock_of_Ages_ movie so that your Rock Star image will be more like that of a Rock Star?

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  • soundarya ratna singh

    I am really exited to see Tom Cruise in a rock star role.I thinks this is totally different from his other roles yet.Can he really sing and play guitar…………I am also waiting for mission impossile for two reasions 1-Tom cruise.2-I heared this movie is also shooted in India with Anil kapoor…….I am Indian and MI lover .Iam waiting desperatly……..

  • Grant Welsh

    Woo Woo! New Mission Impossible Trailer in a few weeks can’t wait. And I just read that Tom Cruise is also going to star in “Oblivion”, Tom never slows down.

  • Sil Aschieri Freitag

    Hi, guys. Can any of you tell me why the official facebook profile appears as not available? It’s been “erased” from my list of favorite sites and I haven’t been able to read any of your posts during this week. Any suggestions about why this is going on?

  • Cheryl A.

    Can’t wait for ‘Rock of Ages”… I know you will ROCK…Tom… and Mission Impossible = Ghost Protocol has long been awaited… we are READY!

  • Shimi

    M:I & Jerry Maguire is a very nice movie! I like it ! Tom Cruise you’re the best! Love you!♥

  • Christina Gamboa

    I love Tom Cruise whatever he is doing. He is just an amazing actor. I have seen all his movies and I am going to watch all his future movies. Just an exceptional actor.

  • Khalil Rahman

    this movie is great

  • Khalil Rahman

    mission 4 is great movie