Official Launches New Blog Design!

The team is excited to bring fans of the official Tom Cruise blog our latest update: a new blog design! With the new season, we thought it time to debut a new style for this corner of – making it easier to read, look at photos, watch video clips or trailers and leave comments!

Basically, everything to make this blog more awesome for movie and Tom Cruise fans around the globe!

We love bringing you the latest news from the world of cinema and the career of Tom Cruise, so we hope this new blog design makes it an even better experience. That includes our series of guides for aspiring filmmakers: actors, directors, writers, producers and more! Fans can also continue to look out for our series of exclusive of Tom Cruise wallpaper photos for your desktop background.

Or it might just be the latest news coming back from the production of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol with Tom Cruise reprising his role as Ethan Hunt.

For whatever storyline, resource or cool feature you’re looking for as a movie lover, we hope to deliver it better than before. So jump on board and enjoy the ride!

So what do you think? Are you a fan of the new blog design at How is the experience different? Let us know in the comments section!

Also, we’re always on board to follow the conversation at the official Tom Cruise Twitter and Facebook pages. Keep in touch with all your questions and commentary for movie fans throughout the globe.

  • Dawn Logue

    @TomCruise Absolutely Love love the new blog. Great effort on your team! xoxo kisses

  • Samara


  • Hiqutipie

    Thats simple & cool Tom: Is there a reason you don’t have the sign in with twitter or facebook acct? makes it easier for ppl to connect…

  • Denis Soto

    Very good, me prece que el traductor a español no funciona. Domino poco el ingles, un besoteeee y que sigan los éxitos!

  • Marcia

    This move is a classic! Love you, Tom!!!! I´m anxious for new film Mssion Impossible! Abraços do Brasi!!
    Márcia *-*

  • Janelve

    you are one of the most notable actors on earth…..superb

  • Janelve

    great actor!

  • Janelve

    when is Ethan Matthew Hunt be back on bigs screen…….MI:4..please

  • Janelve

    when is Ethan Matthew Hunt be back on the big screen…MI:4…please, please Sir

  • Fauzze

    The new Blog design is GOOD! it is softly bright easy on the eyes.easy to read and watch(pictures and videos and loads of info).

  • Chris Bryan

    I love your face! How are you today? I subscribed to widgetbox like you asked me to do!

  • Christina

    I’m new here and have yet to read over this whole site. Believe me, I will be thorough. I’m so so excited. I never knew there was anything out there like this. This is awesome! Thank you so so much! I can’t wait to learn all you have to offer here. Thank you Tom! (and all those who helped make this website) Been a huge fan for a long long time.

  • Patrick McDonald

    “It’s beautiful man.”

  • Ethan Lee

    My name is Ethan and I’m 11 years old and really like all your movies especially mission impossible. Your my favorite:)