Top Gun 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray & AMC Theatres* Event Trivia Quiz – RESULTS!

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In a post earlier in the week, the team at asked movie fans to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Top Gun and AMC Theatres Special Top Gun 25th Anniversary Screening*…WITH A CHALLENGE TOP GUN FANS from around the world about their knowledge of the Naval fighter pilot classic!

THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERED! You truly took our breath away with your passion for Top Gun and movie trivia. AWESOME JOB, EVERYONE!

We wanted to reward two lucky fans with very special Top Gun giveaways for being Maverick’s wingman! TAKE A LOOK AT THIS AMAZING GIVEAWAY FOR FANS WHO COMPLETED AND SUBMITTED THE TOP GUN QUIZ, AS CHOSEN IN A RANDOM DRAWING!


  • Official Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses (1)
  • Remote Control Top Gun-style Microfighter (1)
  • Four (4) Tickets to AMC Theatres EXCLUSIVE Screening of Top Gun, April 30 or May 2**
  • Top Gun T-Shirt (1)
  • Top Gun 25th Anniversary Edition DVD or Blu-Ray Disc (1)


  • Official Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses (1)
  • Remote Control Top Gun-style Microfighter (1)
  • Top Gun T-Shirt (1)
  • Top Gun 25th Anniversary Edition DVD or Blu-Ray Disc (1)
  • (3) Tom Cruise DVD or Blu-Ray’s of your choice

Without further ado, we’re jetting right to the lucky fans who will received these awesome giveaway items!

FIRST, from our crew of U.S. fans, we have the movie fan receiving the giveaway package from our random drawing: RYAN K.! CONGRATULATIONS, RYAN! We hope this giveaway puts you on cloud nine!

NEXT, we have our International fan who received the giveaway package from our random drawing. And that fan is JAMIE H.! Again, our huge CONGRATULATIONS, JAMIE! You’re our international Top Gun!

CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH FANS! We salute you both along with everyone else for taking a ride into the DANGER ZONE with us!

For United States residents who’s excited about the 25th Anniversary of Top Gun you can still head out for the special screening of this action classic at AMC Theatres* on April 30 and May 2! Check out the AMC Theatres* site to see if a theater near you is holding this exclusive evvent!

Not in the United States or close to an AMC Theatres* screening Top Gun? No problem! You can host a screening of your own with a copy of the Top Gun Blu-Ray disc or DVD. Check out the details below on how you can get a copy to watch at home!

So that’s a wrap on the Top Gun 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray & AMC Theatres* Event Trivia Quiz! Thanks again for playing with us, everyone.


Here were the rules regarding the trivia quiz and the random drawing:

  • Completion and submission of the trivia quiz qualifies an 18yr old and over fan for the random drawing giveaways. If you are under 18, you can answer the trivia quiz as often as you like, but you will not be eligible for the giveaways. Multiple entries will not improve one’s chances of receiving the giveaways.
  • 1 U.S. and 1 International 18yr old or older fan will be selected for the giveaways via a random drawing from the de-duped and unique email addresses submitted.
  • will announce the the giveaway recipients starting at 12:00pm PT Friday, April 29th, 2011.
  • reserves the right to modify any giveaway items as a result of availability or circumstance beyond control.
  • *The Top Gun 25th Anniversary Trivia Quiz, random drawing and giveaway are in no way affiliated with AMC Theatres.
  • **Movie tickets for AMC Top Gun screening dependent upon availability in your area. If Top Gun special engagement tickets are determined to be unavailable, substitute tickets for other available movie screenings may be distributed in their place.
  • ***Proof of age may be required for distribution of giveaway items.
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