Debuts Official Tom Cruise Orkut Page, Welcomes Movie Fans!


TC orkut page

With the launch of the official Tom Cruise page on Orkut, the team at wants to welcome cinema fans from around the planet to the international movie actor’s new venue for social media! This launch marks further expansion into the best platforms cinema fans worldwide use to keep in touch with each other and the movies stars they love!

To all of you on Orkut, we love to hear from you! Send us a friend request at your earliest to get in on the convesation.

Orkut, the Google-run social media network, is popular throughout the world, but to the extreme with fans in Brasil. So, for the cinema lovers in South America, we salute you!

For all the cinema fans coming from Brasil, you may remember Tom’s visit to Rio de Janeiro for the premiere of Knight and Day at the Vivo Rio. The team at had a team of fan bloggers on the scene to capture the action first hand! Check out the action from our previous post.

We even included a fan photo from the event below:


So, to all movie fans on Orkut, get in touch! We can’t wait to get the conversation started.

Tom Cruise fans can also reach us at the official Facebook and Twitter pages. Whichever way you want to send the message, we’re here to answer! We look forward to it :)

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  • Quezia Cristina

    That’s cool…Tom really cares about all his fans :)

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    humm, delicius

  • Odineia35

    I can not say much, but I love you, is an excellent person, objective and focused. Beautiful and true to his work. I love you. Kiss

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    me add

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    i like it i like it HAHAHAHA

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    mas não aparece a mensagem para fazer o pedido de amizade. Cadê? só aparece Forum e Eventos.

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    add me , please

  • Mcsenna

    I want to participate in your orkut … how can I do ?

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    você é lindo!

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    Hello All Well Tom I’m a fan of From Brazil but fortunately I can speak English
    I love his work and wanted to say that you’re super cool

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    Good Luck

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    kuti, kuti! srsr

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    Isso é comunidadeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    What the… are you in Orkut? Jesus Christ O_O hahahaa

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    Não estou conseguindo adicioná-lo na minha lista de amigos !!!!!! Help me!!!!

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    Tom Cruise ♥ I LOVE YOU! WO AI NI!