EXCLUSIVE: Tom Cruise Wallpaper Photo For Download!


With the Spring season injecting full color into the world, the team at TomCruise.com thought to debut a new Tom Cruise wallpaper and background picture from our gallery of color images! We thought a new Tom Cruise photo for your PC or Mac desktop background would help brighten up your day and set the mood for the season! It’s another from our series of background images we create as a small gift to cinema fans around the world who show us their love and positivity every day.

To every cinephile who visits the blog regularly, double thumbs up. Enjoy this as a token of our esteem and remember to keep visiting for more EXCLUSIVE photos.

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Take a look below for instructions on how to get this exclusive image downloaded and installed as your background:


  • Look below for the size that best fits your screen, and click to get directed to the image.
  • When you arrive at the page, right click the image and save as your desktop picture.
  • You should be looking at your brand-spanking-new background! :)

Tom Cruise Wallpaper – Classic Color – Size 1024 x 768
Tom Cruise Wallpaper – Classic Color - Size 1280 x 800
Tom Cruise Wallpaper – Classic Color - Size 1440 x 900

Hope everyone enjoys their new background as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you. ☺

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  • Hellen_abeyszawold

    Perfect …

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    I love!!!!! Lindo demais!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Aishaaa_Love Aiishaa


  • http://twitter.com/Aishaaa_Love Aiishaa


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    Mama mia, isso é que é homem!!!!!

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    Es un hombre maravilloso, un gran actor,

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