TRIVIA CHALLENGE RESULTS: Tom Cruise, Elizabeth Shue & Co-Stars!

Tom Cruise Elizabeth Shue Cocktail Trivia

As a way to cap off a fun week, the team at reached into the vaults for a trivia challenge we thought would test all our international movie fans knowledge of not only the Tom Cruise movie Cocktail, Tom’s filmography but of his co-stars too! The response was fantastic! Film buffs the world over came flooding in with a ton of answers both close and, well, kinda far off. :)

To refresh your memory, the question we asked focused on Tom and co-star Elizabeth Shue from the 1980s classic, Cocktail. Here’s the question we asked as follows:

Tom Cruise played opposite Elizabeth Shue as love interests in the movie Cocktail. Shue also has played the love interest of other actors Tom has co-starred with. Name the stars and the movies they starred in with Tom and Elizabeth?

As we told you, the first fan to answer the question below in it’s entirety as a comment to this blog post receives a copy of the official Knight and Day DVD or BluRay. Without futher ado, that fan is Des J.! CONGRATULATIONS! Des proved the cinema master, finding not only Tom and Elizabeth’s co-stars, but correctly including the movies both appeared in alongside these Hollywood leading men.

Des’ complete and correct answer is included below:

Tom Trivia 041511-1

So that’s a wrap, movie fans. Remember to stay tuned to the blog, as well as the official social media channels on Facebook and Twitter for more fun trivia challenges, news and games. We love having fun with you guys and look forward to hearing from you!

Have a great weekend. :)

  • galaxywriter

    Obviously Des J knows his stuff. Congrats!

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  • adel hashem

    how are you mr tom what i want to say is that the camira shouldnt like you because we do already try to low you appearence percentage wisely i hop the best for you

  • Isael Amigos

    Very Cool!!!

  • Debra Joseph

    I won..I won. Love you Tom…Des J.

  • Debra Joseph

    I love all Tom’s movies and old one’s too.