Tom Cruise Movie The Firm Among Top 10 Legal Thrillers Based On Novels!


The Tom Cruise movie The Firm – based on the bestseller by author John Grisham – ushered in the popular legal thriller genre and is now ranked by Reelz in the top 10 of law movies based on novels! The Sydney Pollock-directed film ushered in a rebirth of the legal thriller – propelling Tom’s character, Mitch McDeere, out of the courtroom and into the streets in an attempt to escape the intrigue of the firm he works for.

We won’t spoil the plot of The Firm, but let’s say they ask for more than just long hours from junior attorneys. It’s the kind of retainer you can’t pay in cash.

The thriller also stars master actors including Oscar-winner Gene Hackman (seen in the photo above with Tom) along with Academy nominees Hal Holbrook, Ed Harris and David Strathairn. Also featured are Jeanne Tripplehorn (one of the female leads from the HBO series Big Love) and Wilford Brimley. Easily an all-star cast!

The Firm weighs in at seventh on the list of top 10 law movies based on novels from the editors at Reelz. Other films making the role include John Grisham adaptations The Rainmaker and The Client. However, the top spot goes to one of our all-time favorite films and novels, To Kill A Mockingbird.

Check out the video below for a small slice of the action from The Firm:

And we thought tax law was boring! This scene permanently altered our views of both Hal Holbrook and Wilford Brimley from ‘kindly grandpa’ to ‘scary in the right circumstances.’ If there was an award for quiet menace, they’d be fighting it out for the win!

It’s obvious from the scene that Tom is running for his life. If you want to find out exactly why, you may want to think about picking up The Firm Blu-Ray disc for your home. Details on how to purchase it are below:

Jerry-Maguire-DVD-CoverYou can order the The Firm Blu-Ray Disc from Amazon here!

Where does The Firm rank on your list of legal movies? Do you think it’s the best of the John Grisham film adaptations? Let us know in the comments section!

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  • Harry McGeough

    I liked The Firm, but then I have liked most of Sydney Pollocks films and you and Gene Hackmen where very good in it too… That John Grisham is not a bad writer either…

  • Graham Inman

    Great movie

  • Summer Houston

    Lucky 7!! The Firm was a great movie, and To Kill a Mockingbird was one of Peck’s best-

    Summer Houston

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Tom! I loved the sitting on the edge of my seat while digging my nails in the armrest thrill ride that The Firm ventures on! Great film as all of your movies are! ♥ Kisses ♥

  • Terry Mckenrick

    The Firm is my favorite movie the best in the world and it seemed all too real to me, blew me out of the water.
    Thank you Tom.

  • Junedorfsman

    great film suspense and all.