Yahoo! Rates The Top 5 Tom Cruise Films


The editors at Yahoo! have looked into the Tom Cruise filmography to choose their picks for the actor’s Top 5 movies – with some of the picks that may surprise and delight cinema fans. Sure, obvious classics are represented. A certain iconic film about the trials and tribulations of U.S. Naval aviators is included. Thankfully, some of the criminally undermentioned films in Tom’s filmography are shown some love. With so many awesome movies in his oeuvre, it’s cool to see these films get further recognition.

In matters of taste, there is no correct answer! Some of these movies have line-ups of Oscar-caliber heavyweights. Others are fantastical genre films that recall some of the greatest stories and characters of the last 20 years. All of them have the signature craftsmanship and detailed attention to performance that marks Tom’s work. We’ve included video clips from each of the selected movies to help you better understand the choices. Who knows, you may need to watch them again after checking out the action :).

Take a look below at the list compiled by Yahoo! to see if your favorite Tom Cruise movies got selected:

5. Valkyrie

Starting the list is Tom’s performance as Col. Claus von Stauffenberg, the German military officer who spearheaded the plot to assassinate Hitler as depicted in the 2008 movie, Valkyrie. The cabal of German officers conspired to eliminate the German dictator, but through a series of unforeseeable mishaps, failed in their attempt. The syndicate – inspired to overthrow the tyrannical insanity of their leader – wound up paying the ultimate price.

Yahoo! looks with great favor on the message of the movie and Tom’s performance, calling it an epic World War II tale, “only surpassed by Schindler’s List.”

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4. Vanilla Sky

Tom Cruise collaborated with director Cameron Crowe for a second time with his performance in Vanilla Sky, a remake of the mind-bending Spanish film Open Your Eyes. The psychological thriller places Tom in a world where nothing is as it appears, his character David Aames trying to make sense of his life following what he believes to be a terrible car accident. It marked the first time Tom played opposite Cameron Diaz, who he re-united with on his latest film, Knight and Day!

Vanilla Sky followed Tom’s pairing with Crowe for an Oscar-nominated performance in Jerry Maguire. He co-starred in the film with Spanish actress Penelope Cruz and My Name Is Earl star Jason Lee.

Trying to wrap your head around the awesomeness of Vanilla Sky takes a couple screenings, so you may want to spare yourself the rental fees and pick up a copy of Vanilla Sky on DVD instead. Check out the details below.

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3. Top Gun

Obviously one of the classics, Top Gun is the movie that launched Tom from a well-regarded lead with a few great roles under his belt, to become a legitimate movie star he remains to this day. The Tony Scott film examines the lives of Naval Aviation at the prestigious Top Gun fighter pilot training school, previously located in Southern California. Tom plays Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, a highly-skilled and arrogant Navy pilot who has to overcome family issues and a sudden tragedy to step up in a life-or-death situation in combat.

Tom’s most visible co-stars in Top Gun were Val Kilmer as his training nemesis, “Iceman,” Kelly McGillis as instructor and love interest, “Charlie,” and Anthony Edwards as his navigator and flying partner, “Goose.” Kilmer went on to fame in films like “The Doors,” while Edwards became a founding series regular on the hit television show, “E.R.”

But Top Gun also came with skilled acting in small parts from actors that went on to great careers. Tim Robbins, starring as one of Tom’s replacement navigators, went on from Top Gun to earn an Academy Award as the Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his work on Mystic River, along with a Best Director nomination for work behind the camera on Dead Man Walking. Clarence Gilyard Jr., also a replacement navigator with Tom’s Maverick, co-starred in eight seasons of the hit television program, Walker, Texas Ranger. That’s talent, if only in small doses.

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2. Interview With The Vampire

While clocking in as his only film truly embedded in the horror genre, Tom’s work as Lestat de Lioncourt in the film adaptation of Interview With The Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles, is often overlooked for the intensity he brought to the incarnation of the chillingly charismatic antagonist. Acting opposite Brad Pitt and a very young Kirsten Dunst, Tom reveals the motivations behind the life of a the eternal creatures of the night in the cinematic interpretation of the epic novel series penned by best-selling author Anne Rice. The gothic charm of Tom’s Lestat spans centuries as we follow his dark deeds through different eras.

Directed by Oscar-nominated director Neil Jordan (The Crying Game), Tom’s performance as Lestat is among his few turns as the villain.

For fans of the darker sort who enjoy the thrills and chills of a good scary movie, Interview With The Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles ranks as a classic. Turn the lights off and fire up the Interview With The Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles DVD to get creepy. Check out the details below:

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1. The Last Samurai

Heading the list, The Last Samurai gets recognition as the best of Tom’s films from the Yahoo! editors. It’s a somewhat surprising pick at first glance, but upon closer examination The Last Samurai holds up fine as a critical darling with its portrayal of the cultural divide and reconciliation between East and West. While the final fight pits the sword-wielding Samurai warriors against the technology and power of the Western equipped Meiji army, Tom’s character sides with the ancient Asian warriors in a display of bravery and loyalty.

It’s easy to see why the Yahoo! editors liked it so much! There’s an electric charge to the final scenes of samurai galloping into battle hopelessly outmatched if only to save the one thing not yet taken from them: their honor.

The Last Samurai also introduced the wider world to the fine acting of Japanese star, Ken Wantanabe – who has gone on to acclaim in blockbusters such as Inception.

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That’s a wrap for the Yahoo! list of Tom Cruise’s top five movies. Do you agree with the editor’s picks for the list? Did your favorite Tom Cruise movie make the cut? Anything missing here!? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • wanda

    Two out of five. Days of thunder missing.

  • Asullivan

    My five would be: Rain Man Magnolia, Jerry McQuire, War of the Worlds, Minority Report

  • Piper

    Well, well, my favorite was “Jerry Mcguire”, hummm…

  • trinidad sousa

    me encantan laspeliculas de tom cruise, pero si me tengo que quedar con alghuna, esa es NACIDO EL CUATRO DE JULIO.sobervia su interpretacion

  • Sidney

    What?! No “Risky Business”???? Duh!

  • Anonymous

    I believe the top 5 movie that is not on the list and I think would fight for the number 1 spot would be “Risky Business” Truly one of the great movies of my generation.

  • Stephany

    Top Gun and Vanilla Sky,,TOM! yes.. my faves made it to the TOP 5…

  • Lastdogbarking

    To look at the range of roles is, to say the least impressive. The last Samurai is our favorite. The scene in which the young widow dresses Cruise for battle, is in our opinion one of the most erotic and heartstopping scenes ever film. Both play their role very subtlely with such control and senuality. But, don’t skip over the wonderful “The Firm” “Collateral” and his great performance in Magnolia.

  • Lourdesenero15

    Tom Cruise es uno de los actores mas completos de la historia ..te amo TOM

  • Vanderpoeljohn

    are you kidding? top gun is number one by a long shot. last samurai is good no doubt, but top gun is classic!

  • Daniel Hamby

    Jerry Maguire??

  • Isa Goncalvesrodrigues


  • Hollydoll17

    I thought this list did a good job until a glanced at some of these comments and realized…wow you’ve made a lot of good movies!…how can anyone choose?

  • Catia Viegas

    Excellent choice! But missed all others with Tom Cruise. Any movie that he appears is wonderful and will certainly be part of my collection. The Last Samurai was honored as part of the carnival parade in Rio – Brazil!nGreat!!!

  • Parker Johnston

    The bottom line is that you just can’t narrow down Tom Cruise’s best work into a list of five films. It’s like trying to rank the five best John Williams scores, or Seinfeld episodes, or Beatles albums, or what have you. No matter what, you’d be leaving out some indispensable classics. nnThat said, I’m the most glad that Vanilla Sky made the list. That’s probably my favourite Cruise film, or tied with Minority Report(which should be #1 here). Also M:I 3 is a full-blown action movie masterpiece.

  • cujo

    The last Samurai is my Favourite ;) The Number one!

  • BasmaDH

    love you tom sooooooooo much

  • Chien-ta

    I don’t agree with that rate’s list except Top Gun.nWhere is “Risky Business”, “Rain Man”, “The Color of Money” and “A Few Good Man”?

  • u0410u043du043du0430

    TOP GUN u041cu043du0435 u043du0443u0436u0435u043d u043du0430 u0440u0443u0441u0441u043au043eu043c u044fu0437u044bu043au0435. u042du0442u043e u0432u043eu0437u043cu043eu0436u043du043e? u041au0430u043a u0432u043fu0440u043eu0447u0435u043c u0438 u043eu0441u0442u0430u043bu044cu043du044bu0435 u0435u0433u043e u0444u0438u043bu044cu043cu044b. u0421 u0443u0432u0436u0435u043du0438u0435u043c, u0411u0440u0438u0442u0430u043d u0410u043du043du0430.

  • Bhavna Rajput

    No Mission Impossible Movie make up,… Top Gun and Valkyrie my two fav make up 2 final 5… No jerry maguire… :(

  • Thania

    I canu00b4t choose one of them. I like them all. They`re really great!!!

  • Batman_3610

    the last samurai d number one ………………no doubt !!!

  • Sandra Antecao

    Hiii I’m from chile. I think Top Gun it’s the classic film for tom cruise I love it! ( I don’t very well the english)n But for me the best movie itu00b4s Jerry Maguire I love it for all the diversity of thinks we live day by day and i love tom since 15 years ago I LOVE YOU

  • James Boyd

    1- Born on the 4th of July, 2 – Top Gun, 3- A Few Good Men 4 – Mission Impossible (original), 5- Collateral nn

  • A1385601

    I love Top Gun, woooo!



  • Xiansiempre

    5 very good ones, vanilla sky will prob always be my favorite but yes the last samurai was very good. i also must mention the speilbergs: minority report and war of the worlds.

  • Matthew Otero

    Ahhh, ‘A Few Good Men’ did not make this list – I am also with you YAHOO on ‘Interview With The Vampire’ – Good work Tom, you make MOVIES REAL 4 REAL PEOPLE!

  • Pageni Alessia

    Top Gun !!! thank you !!! gu00e9niales vidu00e9os ;)

  • suwandi.chua

    i like “Last samurai and Top Gun “U’re so cool,bro

  • Dawn

    Eyes wide shut….Istill watch it every friday,love stanley and Tom,rolled up in one movie.

  • Dini74

    I love The last Samurai no doubt..Top Gun is also a good !!

  • Clay_d777

    Jerry Miguire should be on the list, and one he should have won an Oscor for.

  • Kimberly

    For me: 1. Risky Business; 2. Jerry Maguire; 3. A Few Good Men; 4. Mission: Impossible; 5. Mission:Impossible 2

    All of them!! :)

  • Karen

    I love Tom so much!!!!! And this are my fave fave: 1. Top gun 2. Jerry Maguire 3. Vanilla Sky 4. Interwiev with a vampire 5. Mission Impossible!!!! yaayyy I wanna see the protocol already but I have to wait till december (sighs) :)

  • Karen

    I love Tom so much!!!!! And this are my fave fave: 1. Top gun 2. Jerry Maguire 3. Vanilla Sky 4. Interwiev with a vampire 5. Mission Impossible!!!! yaayyy I wanna see the protocol already but I have to wait till december (sighs) :)