Tom Cruise Movie Top Gun Plays Part of 100 Years of Naval Aviation History!


The history of United Naval Aviation hits a milestone this year, with the program turning 100 years old! The brave pilots of the program, depicted in the iconic Tom Cruise movie Top Gun, are justifiably proud in celebrating the centennial of service to the country. These men and women fly not only the air-to-air fighter aircraft like those depicted in Top Gun, but also support military and humanitarian efforts throughout the globe whether through security, transport, or training.

Many writers have pointed to how Top Gun figures into the rich history of Naval Aviation, pointing out the immense skill and courage of the pilots. The movie also clarified the role of the Navy in combat aviation – which many people believe is the sole providence of Air Force commands worldwide.

We think Tom’s character – Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell – would not so politely disagree with that sentiment ;).

Fans of Naval Aviation can catch up with all the news of the Centennial Celebration at the official U.S. Navy site. Meanwhile, fans of Top Gun don’t need to call into the tower for permission to fly by. Just pick up a copy of the Top Gun DVD and the memories – and dogfights – are yours to keep. Take a look below for details:

What do you think of Top Gun as a part of U.S. Naval history? Does Top Gun play a part in your personal history? Let us know in the comments section!

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  • Suzuki Yoshihiko

    I’m A big fan of TOPGUN! I’ve become a fighter pilot (f-15) because of your movie. I’m looking forward tonseeing another new TOP GUN ! Can’t wait!

  • Anonymous

    I’m A big fan of TOP GUN. I’ve become a fighter pilot because of your movie! I’m looking forward to seeing annew another TOP GUN!

  • Anonymous

    I’m looking forward to seeing another new TOP GUN!

  • James Weeks

    Ya, I was on board the ranger when the movie was being filmed.LOTS of contravercy over the tomcat,nLOTS of espinoge’ back then.

  • Nextwave05

    yes that movie is part of the history. and tom cruise is a one in a generation calibre actor/producer.

  • David Dayan Nick

    this movie was the reason to find how amazing place is San Diego-Oceanside and I confimred that the U.S.Navy pilots are obviuously the best of the world….it’s really my favorite film…

  • apg rosimorena

    t is one of the better films they watched and you the parti main:)n… … … … … just leave the next and I will be sitting watching it again, again and again I’m just hoping that it will be the next and guess I la hahhahha watching u00b4 again … … … valeu tom cruise hug your friend far Brazill;)) rosymorena…………..wollllllllllll

  • Heloise

    Tom, You have no idea how this movie influenced my life, I love to see him. Kisses Brazilian Heloisen

  • Cindyt48

    This was such a fantastic,beautiful, sexy, well portrayed movie. It was one of Tom’s Cruise very sexy and adorable role. I enjoyed everything about it, how well he played the character. Tom is very charismatic, and comes across the screen very mysterious, and appealing.

  • Javier Medina

    I was on the USS Enterprise when we filmed scenes for TG, spring 1985 off the coast of California. It was an incredible experience to be out at sea with all the actors. I remember Val and Rick came into Hangar Deck Control asking for the baskeball nets to be rolled down.nWatching the TG DVD brings back alot of memories. The Enterprise will be decomissioned next year and it would be great to have all the actors at the ceremony.

  • Mohammad Asif

    I love it!

  • Galen J. Smith

    My Favorite Movie of all Time !nTOP GUN.

  • Ranjeet Cooltouch

    what a movies ..i cant explain…i only share or talk ths mater with tom cruise…

  • Ranjeet Cooltouch

    hey…this is tom who change the hollywood in his style..

  • Christian Laluna

    Top Gun was my first movie EVER. I was, what, somewhere under 10 years old when I first saw it. It cemented my love for aviation, and it also showed me that soldiers, sailors, and airmen go through a lot doing what they do. To this day, no matter what scandals may have arisen, I still believe that anyone in uniform who bore the service honorably and to the best of his abilities deserves the gratitude of a nation, and too many times, the world.nnAnd all that, because of Top Gun. :)

  • Hope1994

    When I was thirteen years old, I watched TC on my birthday on Nov 2 for the first time. I fell in love with Tom Cruise’s character, Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell the moment he walked into Stinger’s office. Tom was so yong in this movie. Even though TC was made before my time (1986) ,TC is a true 80′s classic. Now, that I’m sixteen years old, I still watch TC! I will always remember TC for years to come! Thanks TC, for being a part of American history, and It’s culture.

    TC LIVES ON FORER!!!! =)
    “I Feel The Need….The Need For Speed!”

  • Fieryarcher

    Top Gun is my all time favorite movie and is a central part of my identity. Sounds bizarre, but I’ve been watching this movie since it came out in 1986. I saw it in the theatre as an 8-year-old and so now I can quote it easily in conversation. Much of my early years revolved around the details of the film: My family lived in San Diego, and my Dad was in the Navy, as a result I’ve been to Miramar, I’ve seen the volleyball court, I’ve been up close and personal with an F-14 and I’ve been on an air craft carrier. My family watched this movie often growing up and it became a part of our family dynamic and interactions. In recent years, I’ve even given a speech about the Top 10 lessons I’ve learned about life from watching Top Gun. What I’m saying is: this movie is integrally wrapped up in my childhood memories. So yeah…Top Gun is an essential part of my personal history.