Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Co-Star Simon Pegg On New Movie: “Awesome!”

Simon Pegg Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise rejoins co-star Simon Pegg on the forthcoming Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, a reunion to the British comic actor can’t wait to release on the world, according to a recent interview for ScreenCrave. First joining Tom on Mission: Impossible III, the international star of such genre satires as Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz will reprise his role of IMF computer expert Benji Dunn. He came forth with a single estimation of the Brad Bird-directed action and spy thriller:

“This is going to be awesome! … I’m so stoked for this film.”

We can’t disagree with the assessment of the actor in his second appearance in the series, backing up Tom’s character Ethan Hunt with sharp wit, wry energy and superb comic timing. Not only is the team at TomCruise.com looking forward to the latest installment of the Mission: Impossible series, but it seems the press and fans are looking forward to it as well.

Sounds like theaters should be packed come the release later this year. Is there anyway to get tickets now? ;)

To get a taste of the dry sensibility Pegg brings to Mission: Impossible, check out a clip featuring the English star from Mission: Impossible III below:

If Pegg got any drier, we might need to keep a thermos of tea close at hand. Honestly, his affable demeanor and likable style makes him a perfect counterpoint for Tom’s intensity throughout the series. For anyone who hasn’t caught his first performance, you may want to consider picking up a copy of a Mission: Impossible III DVD to see what you’ve been missing. Details on the DVD are below:

What’s your take on the upcoming Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol? Are you looking forward to the return of Simon Pegg as Benji? Let us know in the comments section!

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  • Eveknights

    yeah i want the return of Simon Pegg as Benji..he’s really a good actor..

  • Carrie

    I heard that the new Tom Cruise movie is fantastic,he is a talented actor, men envy him and women love him, especially the girls.n

  • Vanyadim

    It seems to me that Simon Pegg in the role of Benji and Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt both represent their native culture in their starship style to the best possible way and I hope it’s gonna be a cool, intelligent and stress-relieving film.

  • Marioweb69

    yea is vary nice this saga of movies. ok

  • K Nicole Tapia

    I love simon pegg!

  • Sophie

    I really like the 2nd one (mission impossible 2) I look forward the 4th one!nSophie (Bordeaux, France)

  • BeccaP

    The Mission Impossible series is my absolute favorite action movie series. And that part of the movie cracks me up every time; actually any scene with Simon Pegg in it makes me laugh because he does it so ridiculously well! I’m so looking forward to the next installment! I’ve been hoping for a MI:4 for three years. In fact I’m such a nerd and a writing fanatic that I came up with an idea a couple of years ago. And if there was a way to purchase my tickets early I’d be doing that right now. Of course getting to see it before most other people at a premiere would be even better! Just throwing that out there! And are you sure Tom turns 49 this year because he definitely doesn’t look it (he looks younger just to clarify)? haha. I’m really excited and counting down for it’s arrival to theaters!

  • http://twitter.com/PrincipeV Emanuele Ceccacci

    Awesome! :D

  • Ewiggy

    Simon brought comic beats to MI3 & it worked. MI4 feels like it will crown the franchise. Would love to see Tom & Simon buddy up with Tom doing some comic stuff too. TC one of few true stars worthy of accolade, always watchable!