EXCLUSIVE: Awesome Tom Cruise Desktop Wallpaper From War Of The Worlds!


It almost makes us shudder just to think about the deep wail of the tripod vessels from the Tom Cruise movie War of the Worlds; you can tell Tom feels the same in this wallpaper photo taken from the Steven Spielberg science fiction epic! Taken from one of the more harrowing moments of the space invader classic inspired by the Jules Verne story, this War of the Worlds picture illustrates the vicious opening salvo from the Martian invaders prompting humanity to band together and survive regardless of the cost! This hair-raising action and suspense is delivered in brief to your computer’s desktop as a wallpaper picture for a Mac or PC.


Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds

Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds marks the second collaboration between Tom and Spielberg following an equally thrilling science fiction classic in Minority Report. While Minority Report precipitated a number of real life innovations in technology, War of the Worlds dips into ancient anxiety of colonization. Well, as ancient as Martian colonization can be :p.

Either way, both movies are sci-fi masterpieces. This is our way of offering you a piece of it for your computer’s desktop!

Take a look below for instructions on how to get this exclusive image downloaded and installed as your background:


  • Look below for the size that best fits your screen, and click to get directed to the image.
  • When you arrive at the page, right click the image and save as your desktop picture.
  • You should be looking at your brand-spanking-new background! :)

Tom Cruise Wallpaper – War of the Worlds – Size 1024 x 768

Tom Cruise Wallpaper – War of the Worlds – Size 1280 x 800

Tom Cruise Wallpaper – War of the Worlds – Size 1440 x 900

Hope everyone enjoys their new background as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you. ☺

If you’re not acquainted with the near breathless suspense of War of the Worlds, check out our War of the Worlds playlist below to step inside the end of life as we know it..or is it?!?!;)

What a rush! If you want to join the fight for survival between the people of earth and the über-scary Martian aliens, picking up a copy for home viewing may be your best bet. Take a look at the details below:

War of the Worlds DVD Cover You can order the War of the Worlds (Widescreen Edition) DVD from Amazon here!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/conygomezsilva Cony Gomez Silva

    Una pelicula muy buena,con un sabio desenlaze, Tom se lucio como siempre,con una muy buena actuacion y buen reparto.

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