Top Gun Leads List Of Most Desired 1980s Film Sequels!


Top Gun helped launch Tom Cruise’s acting career to the international level, and now of the 1980s fighter pilot movie leads the list of most desired era sequels, according to the Moviehole blog. Continuing the high-flying thrills and drama of Tom’s character, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, as a seasoned Naval aviator with the return of the director Tony Scott caps the site’s intriguing list.

There are plenty of reasons movie fans worldwide love the movies of the Reagan era. Top Gun and movies like it took the idea of the summer blockbuster to a new level, ushering in the best camera work, effects and suspense to keep cinema lovers on the edge of their seats. The movie also put super-producer Jerry Bruckheimer, currently most famed for his work on the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, on the map. Obviously, it was hugely influential on filmmaking from that point forward.

But all the industry talk amounts to a hill of beans in the face of the raw intensity of a butt-kicking aerial dogfight! Take a look at the Top Gun movie clip below to get a feeling to how awesome this movie was – and still is!

Alright, so Maverick may not have made the best decision in that sequence, but he was sooooo close to wiping the floor with Viper. Right!? Really the only way to tell where these jet-fighting adventures are heading is to consider picking up a copy of the the Top Gun DVD. You can check out the details below to learn how:

Does Top Gun lead your list of 1980s film sequels? Would you like to see what Maverick’s been doing since the battle at the end of the movie? Let us know in the comments section!

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  • Anonymous


  • Silkd

    Top Gun is one of my faves of Tom’s career. I would LOVE to see a sequel but fear there’s no way it could capture the same magic as the first. No sequel ever can. So, as much as I would like it, I don’t think it would be as good? But there again, this IS Tom we’re talking about…!

  • Melindakw1969

    Yep..totally want a sequel because I still feel the need….the need for speed!

  • Mujtaba Mujeeb

    Love this film like crazy i watched i think 100 times

  • Robdiamond24

    OH HECK YEAH!!! Please!! A Top Gun Sequal would be the best ever!! I’d love to see Maverick in the skies again!! See Iceman be HIS wingman!! Lol. TOM CRUISE FOREVER!!nnMuch love!!

  • Tejaslonewolf

    Love Top Gun. It came out while hubby was on WestPac. I shopped at Miramar’s Base Exchange.nLoved seeing those fighter aircraft landings. :)

  • valeria

    me encanta esta peli es mi favorita.

  • Jim_jimmy76

    Do not look the air rad in the beginning. I ll lick to lock Viper first time to see the Top Gun. Also that the story.

  • rhonda crabtree


  • Miriam Gaeta

    Para mim este filme u00e9 um clu00e1ssico, nu00e3o esqueu00e7o das cenas e das mu00fasicas incriveis.nParabu00e9ns !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rick Russell

    I like the movie Top Gun and I think another flying movie which I am writing a book, is of a Hang Glider and flying with the birds would be a different movie. In which you fly easily next to the the birds in the air and watch them blink their eyes and see there feathers move in the air as you fly with them, kind of like you watch your pet in the car. The movie story would be taken around a Hang Gliding contest with a lot of action and a good Hang Gliding story with in the flying crowed and your people and an author could make a good story.

  • Nickysneddon

    OOh yes we ladies would love a sequel bring it on ……

  • Jenriggs765

    I would love a top gun seql. Best volley ball scene.

  • Liz Buchannan Snider

    Yes, I think a Sequel to Top Gun could really be good. Top Gun was a good movie, so if the sequel is done right, it could be really good!!!!

  • Jay

    Would I like to see a sequel? Yes I would BUT would it really be a Top Gun Movie WITHOUT the famous Grumman F-14 Tomcat? The Tomcat has been officially retired since 2006 and the only Cats still flying are in the Iranian Air Force. nnMaverick at this stage of the game would most likely be flying an FA-18 E or F Super Hornet. But again, can we really have a Top Gun movie without the Tomcat?nnI suppose so. I personally would like to see a cameo of the legendary Jet in the film in some capacity. nnThat would actually make the film for me. But then again that’s just my opinion.

  • patricia e sidemar

    TOM I wanted you to do the movie TOP GUN 2