Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Makes Wired Magazine Most Intriguing Movies, 2011

Tom Cruise Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Wired

With filming continuing on Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol in Vancouver, this year’s Tom Cruise movie has begun earning more notice from the mainstream press, named one of the most intriguing movies of the year in an article from Wired Magazine on their Underwire blog. The fourth installation of the super spy series starring Tom as the iconic secret agent Ethan Hunt surely brings a ton to the table. Let’s examine the facts and get your opinion on the coming action film that should rank among Tom’s best.

First, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol director Brad Bird makes his live-action debut comes off Oscar wins for animated feature from Ratatouille and The Incredbiles while working at the venerated PIXAR studio. Tom is also joined by current Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner, who is fresh off amazing performances in The Town and The Hurt Locker. If you’re looking for amazing new talent on the team, you got it!

That all comes in addition to the return of several of the Mission Impossible team from previous editions of the film series. On the production and writing side, J.J. Abrams leaves the directing chair he occupied for MI:III to co-produce Ghost Protocol with Tom in addition to writing the original story. Comic actor Simon Pegg also return as IMF computer wizard Benji from the third movie in the series, bringing the touch of levity to break up high-flying action.

If you don’t believe us about the last part, just take a look at the clip below:

That’s why Mission: Impossible movies dominate our list of top 10 Tom Cruise action scenes!

So what do you think of the upcoming Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol? Does it rank on your list of most intriguing movies for 2011? Does it take the top spot? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • Zezza

    This comming Mission Impossible movie is topping my list of Movies to see in 2011 ;D

  • Augustisburning

    I personally love the first 3 Mission Impossible films, and to be honest, I’m excited that they are making another, especially since I thought that the films were finished after the third installment. Jeremy Renner is a great actor; I really liked his performance in SWAT & The hurt locker. I haven’t seen The Town, but I hear good things.nnTom Cruise seldom disappoints in his movies, so I hope & think this movie should be great. I’m looking forward to seeing Simon Pegg as well as Ving Rhames, return as well.

  • Viktor Matoviu010d

    impressive cinematic tricks

  • Marlon dejarlo

    very nice movie i like it

  • Sam Kidd

    God! I can’t take this. I stay in a knot the whole time.

  • jack castle

    when is it coming out in ukn

  • Genoweva

    sublime !!!

  • Dina Ruiz

    I love Tom Cruise :)

  • Elif_alamur

    Merhaba,nYine herzaman olduu011fu gibi mu00fckemmel bir yapu0131t u00e7u0131kacau011fu0131ndan eminim.. nSen herzaman u00e7ok bau015faru0131lu0131, u00e7ok gu00fcu00e7lu00fc ve u00f6zenlisin. Canlandu0131rdu0131u011fu0131n karakterin duygularu0131nu0131 ekrandan bize iletmeyi u00e7ok iyi bau015fardu0131n..nYeni filminde u00f6yle olacau011fu0131ndan hiu00e7 u015fu00fcphem yok..Seni u00e7ok ama u00e7ok seviyorum ve u00fcmit etmeye devam ediyorum. Biryerlerde karu015fu0131lau015fu0131caz yeterince istemekse heru015feyin u00e7aresi o halde uzun zamandu0131r bunu istediu011fmi sende bil.nHemde heru015feyden u00e7ok..nKendine iyi bak, hou015fu00e7akal.nnSevgilerimle,nELu0130F ALAMUR.

  • PrincipeV

    For Me instead Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is the Most Intriguing Movie OF ALL TIMES !!! ;-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marie-Foster/100000428670035 Marie Foster

    I Love all of Tom’s movies…. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol…I’m sure will delite and I’ll watch it several times as I have all of the othersw: this clip was heart racing and gave me chill bumps all over body, not to mention that I tend to hold my breath in sences like that…. I’m glad the clip didn’t last any longer I may have passed out, ;) just kidding about passing out. However, I am glad that it didn’t stop short of the scene…really cool…I can’t wait for the movie to come out…Love it !!!

  • Ladyleo

    looking forward to toms newest movie and i am sure he will not disappoint

  • Gilcu00e9ia de Freitas

    To get the movie has in its fourth version of the successful, there is only one explanation: Tom is very good agent Ethan and his work as an actor and the whole team is simply wonderful. And all I saw was a fan of the series as a child. I love! It’ll be over a succession expect when it is released not take long to arrive in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)n Kisses Sweetien Gilcu00e9ia

  • Cey_lokum

    tanisalim, tom`un filimlerini seviyorsan en azindan ilk ortak noktamizi bulduk.nnnslmlarnnceyhan a.

  • Mamba8

    I saw a Tom Cruise interview recently and he explained his vision which I thought was hugely refreshing and inspiring. What I gathered was that his view on the Mission Impossible brand were never meant to be sequals but rather a creative opportunity for artists to put their signature on the franchise eg. MI , Brian DePalma blowing our minds , MI2 – John Woo, MI3 – J.J Abrahams and now the legendary Brad Bird. All Tom Cruise films rock and MI:Ghost Protocol is for sure on my list for most intriguing 2011.

  • Vanessa

    I can’t wait Tom!

  • Granny506

    OMG I can’t wait to see this movie…Lately I have had to take Bonine before seeing any action movies:-( nI think I will need to take 2 tablets in order to watch this new Mission Impossible Movie!! I DO love Tom Cruise!

  • Fabian

    In each of the MI films Tom has pushed the boundaries on his abilities, film making and ensuring the audience is entertained. I am therefore eagerly awaiting trailers and the eventual release of this movieu2026.I will be there for the UK release!nnAny news on a MR II in the making?nnKeep up the great work on keeping us informed with the newsletters.n

  • http://twitter.com/PrincipeV Emanuele Ceccacci

    For Me instead Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is the Most Intriguing Movie OF ALL TIMES !!! ;-)

  • Mohamedsafary


  • Avcool108

    waiting eagerly for the movie

  • http://twitter.com/photoROMY u2665photou2665ROMYu2665

    I’m a GREAT fan Mission Impossible Movie ;-D

  • http://twitter.com/RomyPhoto2 RomyPhoto2

    I’m a GREAT fan to Mission Impossible movie!!!!! ;-D

  • http://twitter.com/RomyPhoto2 RomyPhoto2

    I’m a GREAT fan Mission Impossible movie ;-D

  • Lourdesenero15

    Eres el mejor Tom….es una de las pelicula k ha mostrado mas accion en el film buena Tom

  • Elif_alamur

    Gu00f6revimiz Tehlike – 4 (Mission Impossible-4)’ u00fc merakla bekliyorum…nPerformansu0131nu0131 ve sahneleri gu00f6rmek iu00e7in sabu0131rsu0131zlanu0131yorum, aslu0131nda u00e7ok bau015faru0131lu0131 olduu011fundan eminim ama..;))nYine yeniden sen….:)nu00c7ok zevkli olacau011fu0131ndan eminim..nnSevgiler..nnnELu0130F ALAMUR.

  • karina

    el hombre mas lindo del planetaaaaa

  • ibarrabm

    if it’s tom cruize’s movie it could only be great!! can’t wait to see it in theaher! ; ))

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1840144509 Joanne Javier

    Goodkuck to your movie and kudus to you!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1840144509 Joanne Javier

    Goodluck to your movie and kudus to you….

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002061157324 Noha Abdel Hamid

    with love from EGYPT

  • SherwoodBall

    Watch MI films are like drinking four cups of coffee. It takes me a few hours for my heart to slow down.
    Tom sure gives us the thrill ride of a lifetime. Thnx. Sherwood

  • Hanthway

    I’m looking froward to your IM4 desperately!

  • Aimranovic

    i m happy because a like this sierie is my favorit film