Tom Cruise Visits Rock Of Ages Show In Los Angeles!

Tom Cruise and family took in Rock of Ages, the hit Broadway musical now playing in Los Angeles, while taking the weekend off from shooting Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. The show – based on a community of rockers unknown, famous and infamous and filled with music from the Sunset Strip heyday of the 1980s – is in the process of getting adapted into a movie.

Check out the picture featuring Tom and Constantine Maroulis, the Rock of Ages Los Angeles leading man and former American Idol contestant, from the weekend show:



Director Adam Shankman, famed for the musical Hairspray, is set to helm the Rock of Ages movie. In the video clip above with Access Hollywood, he talks about his desire to have Tom join the cast of the upcoming musical film.

Tom Cruise singing ’80s rock hits! Wow!!

Rock of Ages originated in Los Angeles before heading to the bright lights of Broadway. It returned home to City of Angels to run concurrently with the New York production. The musical also have been staged internationally with a run in Toronto, Canada and an upcoming production in Melbourne, Australia.

Are you a fan of musicals? What about rock ‘n’ roll from the 1980s? Are you looking forward to the Rock of Ages movie? Let us know in the comments section!

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  • Biasoca_pipoca

    You perfect (L

  • Tyler Goose

    Awesome, Tom Cruise in a rock movie!nBut no Taylor Swift!!!! :(

  • Roxy Star

    Hi Tom!!!! Youre so beautifull and tallent …I love you since I was a teenager!!!! I saw all your movies!!!! When youll come to visit Argentina and film here? We have beautiful natural places: mountains and lakes in “la Patagonia”, beaches in the atlantic coast…and much more!!!!! You must come here!!!! Please do it, handsome!!! :-D Best regards and a thousand of latin kisses!!!!!! Love, love, love!!!!! ROXY STAR.

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    Not quite sure how I feel about Tom doing this…..I have him in my heart and mind as an action/adventure/comedic actor. I’ll have to think on this one.

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  • Tamsam3

    YES! I would love to see Tom in the movie version of ROCK OF AGES!

  • Chris Bryan

    Well, it looks like it’s coming along!

  • Shirley

    Hi Tom! very excited. Of course I am looking forward to your first time rock of Ages movie. Tom! you are my favorite actor anyway. May be you can have some romantic movies for us in the future too. For action movies my heart beat will beat too fast. :)

  • Elizabeth Garcia

    Wow you look awsome im that rock in roll pic. You are so hottie hot, hot. Muy caliente, tttttttssssss. Ouch! Too hot!

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    I like it and I like it alot

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    tom cruise is still bankable invincible mega star of all time