EXCLUSIVE: Minority Report Movie Wallpaper Starring Tom Cruise!


After starting off the week on a romantic foot, we’re ready to kick the action back up to full blast with this EXCLUSIVE Tom Cruise Wallpaper from the movie Minority Report! Bringing the iconic Tom Cruise character of John Anderton as a Minority Report wallpaper picture for your desktop background on a Mac or PC is the way the team from TomCruise.com enjoys helping you get your adrenaline rushing.

We know everyone has enjoyed the heart-melting moments of the Valentine’s Day celebration: through your contributions on Facebook and Twitter, we saw how mushy you guys can get. But that can’t last forever – it’s time to toughen up! Tom’s depiction of the wrongly accused police officer in the science fiction masterpiece is going to show you how.

Minority Report teamed Tom and directing legend Steven Spielberg for the first time, with the duo pairing up to recreate the futuristic world of clairvoyant foresight putting an end to murder – but not without claiming one last victim. The story originated from genre novelist and futurist thinker Philip K. Dick who wrote books and stories adapted to no less than five major motion pictures, including classics like Blade Runner by Tom Cruise collaborator Ridley Scott!

In Minority Report, Tom must race to clear his name for an unjust murder charge while staying a step ahead of the elite police force he established. It’s a gripping story and among his most action-packed work!

Take a look below for instructions on how to get this exclusive image downloaded and installed as your background:


  • Look below for the size that best fits your screen, and click to get directed to the image.
  • When you arrive at the page, right click the image and save as your desktop picture.
  • You should be looking at your brand-spanking-new background! :)

Tom Cruise Wallpaper – Minority Report – Size 1024 x 768
Tom Cruise Wallpaper – Minority Report – Size 1280 x 800
Tom Cruise Wallpaper – Minority Report – Size 1440 x 900

Hope everyone enjoys their new background as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you. ☺

If you’re not familiar with the historical thrills and serious intensity of Minority Report, you may want to check out the trailer below to get a taste!

Totally awesome, right!? If you want to get the real deal, we can only suggest you pick up a copy of Minority Report on DVD. You can get the details on bringing this Steven Spielberg classic to your home below:

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