Knight and Day Makes Quentin Tarantino’s List Of Favorite Movies, 2010


When the team learned Knight and Day made director Quentin Tarantino’s list of best movies for 2010, we were happy our boss’ latest film got a nod from not only an acclaimed auteur, but the former head of the jury for both the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals. We have respect for the work Tarantino’s put in through the years, creating artistically challenging movies chocked full of cultural and visual tropes paying homage to the history of cinema. With his encyclopedic knowledge of film, it’s awesome that Knight and Day was included on his list of the best movies from 2010!

Tarantino is famed for reaching back into forgotten corners of film history to reinvent styles  only half-remembered by the most dedicated cinema fans. We think he likely saw that same spirit of reinvention in Knight and Day from fellow movie maestro James Mangold’s homage to 1960s espionage larks like Charade with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn. With modern day stars like Tom and Cameron Diaz at the helm of the fast-paced thriller, it’s easy to make the comparison.


We’re almost sure Tarantino even dug the wink in the Knight and Day poster to iconic work by famed graphic artist Saul Bass. :)

Or it might just be he liked the blend of action and comedy. ;)

For everyone who has yet to check out Knight and Day on DVD, check out the extended theatrical trailer from the film’s release in the United Kingdom.

If you’re anything like director Quentin Tarantino, than you probably like what you see in the Knight and Day trailer. You might even want to consider picking up a copy of the movie on DVD. Check out the details below:

Knight and Day DVD Cover You can order the Knight and Day (Single-Disc Edition) DVD from Amazon here!

Do you agree with Tarantino that Knight and Day is among the best movies of 2010? Would you put it higher on the list? Let us know in the comments section!
  • norma hernandez ortiz

    es una buena pelicula me encanta su sonrisa el es increible me gusta todos sus proyectos

  • Sandra

    Entertaining for sure!

  • anything portal

    one of my favorite cutesy movies. :0) twitter @anythingportal

  • Doug

    great post! check out the new fan page:

  • James Kelly

    Knight & Day–the acting, the writing, everything–was SCARY good! Great inspiration! I just watched this…again. Besides being top-notch entertainment, it’s a lesson into how to craft a script that overlays action with humor and romatic attraction…but that’s subtle enough to let the talent convey all through their art.