MINORITY REPORT TECHNOLOGY: New Mobile Device Platform From Texas Instruments Uses Gesture Interface!

Minority Report technology continues to jump from the screen of the Tom Cruise movie and into real life, this time with processors enabling gesture interfaces for mobile phones! New breakthroughs in mobile phone technology from microchip maker Texas Instruments looks to provide the leap forward with features people like Tom and Steven Spielberg dreamt about less than a decade ago, including gesture interface combined with transparent screens and 3D projection. The future appears to be now.

Check out the video above for a breakdown of the breakthroughs envisioned by the launch of this new processing platform!

Time for a little tech talk: the OMAP5 processor is a quad-core design, with 2 Cortex-A15 and 2 Cortex-M4 cores. That means the mobile phones and devices employing these microprocessors will have the computing power surpassing many of today’s laptop computers!

These kind of boosts in computing horsepower are what make the Minority Report magic happen. The folks from Texas Instruments predict these little chips will have the speed and power capabilities to produce HD graphics (1080p) in 3D both from a device without glasses and through an auxiliary projector. You put that together with sensors for movement and means to interact with projection and – BAM – you have John Anderton’s computer in the palm of your hand!

We are totally excited to see this technology happen in a hurry!


While the features the OMAP5 technology will likely bring to mobile phones is still a while away in development, you can catch a glimpse of how it will play out in real life with a look back to the Minority Report DVD. If you’re serious about scrutinizing technology that the future may soon bring, you may consider picking up a copy of the DVD for your home. Check out the details below:

The team at TomCruise.com is still trying to figure out which is more amazing, that Philip K. Dick had the foresight to predict this technology decades before it happened, Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg making it tangible for our minds with their cinematic vision, or that these incredible devices are finally coming to reality! It’s like a chicken or egg argument. ;)

What do you think about the announcement of this new mobile technology? Are you excited about getting a phone or tablet with OMAP5 to make Minority Report magic become a reality? Is any of this blowing your mind? Let us know in the comments section!

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  • Marcelo Caballero

    Excellent !

  • Hiro Nishikiori

    This movie had many very wonderful hints.nJapanese IT company is also observing this Tom Cruise’s movie. nIt is made the hint of a product.

  • Snoozerkh

    This is incredible! Its amazing how far into the future Tom is. I rewatched Minority Report the other day including the making of and it is wild how advanced it is. It is really cool to see the cutting edge but so many years ahead of itself. He really chooses his movies well and the phone I am sure is just a slice of the future.

  • Skarlet_o_hara

    It would be great if not only technology but also the morality of the film moved from film to life:) I think it is to this endeavor and Tom. Sorry for my English, a translator, mistakes are possible:)

  • Namajik68

    Very cool! A great example of how artists create our world. :)