EXCLUSIVE: Crisis Averted On Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Movie Set! Brad Bird Hostage Drama Ends

Reports coming back early from the Vancouver set of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol were hazy – director Brad Bird was taken hostage and forced to read a prepared script from his captors! Things got taken to the next level when it turned out the film’s stars Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg were behind the famed PIXAR auteur’s capture! Check out the video above to see the height of this hostage drama as it unfolded, including Bird’s statement under what could only be regarded as convincing persuasion!

The director of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol released the statement as part of his videotaped acceptance speech for the ASIFA Windsor McCay Award as part of three recognized animation leaders, including The Simpsons creator Matt Groening and director Eric Goldberg! In front of industry peers, it made for a diabolical venue to release ransom demands.

As you can see in the video, both Tom and Simon demanded Bird lend his esteemed opinion to the superiority of live-action filmmaking over animation. They made a convincing argument with the help what appears to be a 9mm Beretta. The camera operator also got a taste of the creative temperament from Pegg in the form of a PG-13-rated outburst.

At the risk of some *serious* consequences, Bird gave a speech bidding farewell to his career as an animator. To be honest, with credits like Ratatouille and The Incredibles under your belt, we think that maybe the bar has been set in that department :).

However, this incident was quickly remedied. Reports back from the set have Bird quickly talking his way out of his predicament in time to enjoy his new award. We think he’s going to be an incredible live-action director with those kind of negotiating skills. ;)

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    I see your video with Brad Bird with you all clowning around there!

  • Chris Bryan

    It was also interesting to see William Shatner (aka – Captain Kirk) also introducing an award presenter.

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    Former Peers? Very funnny!

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    Hi Tom that’s really good i can’t wait to see that please add me on facebook and twitter please please my name’s Mariam tell me about your news soon ok

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    Wow. umm the director really was heartfelt! I think he really meant it, even with the guns-ha…Ok that was so fun-the best thing on the internet so far! love u guys and Yes I really do want a job on your team Tom! I make a lovely cup of tea as well! surfsprout@hotmail.com or friend me anyone from the TC team so you can see who I am . aloha big wave surfer Carolyn Marion.

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    That put a smile on my face!