Top Gun Clip Used For Chinese News? Watch The Video And Decide!

It seems fans of Top Gun worldwide may possibly include some of our friends in the Chinese media, according to the Wall Street Journal on their China Realtime Report blog. The story is currently on the homepage at! The video first seen in the venerable financial publication points out the similarities between footage from the Tom Cruise movie and a report from a news program in China about that country’s military aviators.

How does the team at feel about the clip?


(We feel the need…the need for speed!)

Top Gun remains one of the most popular Tom Cruise movies and continues to remain a favorite worldwide. The story revolves around Tom’s character Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell taking his piloting skills to the next level at TOPGUN – the United States Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program. The Tony Scott-directed movie included heart-racing scenes of aeronautic acrobatics, a stellar soundtrack littered with hit songs and even a little romance.

For everyone ready to remember this all-time gem, take a peek at the trailer below:

Alright, that trailer got us pumped up. For every aspiring producer throughout the world, take note of all the elements Jerry Bruckheimer and Don Simpson put into this film: the hero’s journey, the comic foil and the ultimate redemption! We’re not going to give away the ending, but we will say it’s held up for good reason.

If you have yet to get the full Top Gun experience, you might consider picking up a copy of the Top Gun DVD. Check out the details below:

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  • Erik McAlister

    Wow, that is almost to crazy to believe. Still, that has to be from Top Gun, no doubt in my mind. I guess the chinese are hunting for morale or something.

  • Timmstay

    Sue em I say!

  • Guest

    They could not “comment” on the Similarities ?

  • Sup3

    Wow! The Chinese pilot was able to hit the exact same type of jet with a missile that must have packed the same explosive force, and he had to hit it in exactly the same spot so that the debris flew off in the exact same direction as it did in the movie. That’s some skillful flying and just shows the superiority of the Chinese pilots to be able to do that. Be scared, be very scared!

  • George L. Hall

    MiG-29m (MiG-33) were used in 1986.