Tom Cruise Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Co-Star Jeremy Renner Nominated For Oscar!

Renner Town Oscar

The production of the latest Tom Cruise movie, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, just got some fantastic news: co-star Jeremy Renner is nominated for an Academy Award as Best Supporting Actor! Renner received his second Oscar nod for his performance as a malevolent bank robber in 2010′s The Town. The nomination came as a surprise to the actor, according to Entertainment Weekly, following his first nomination for Best Actor in Lead Role for 2009′s eventual Best Picture winner, The Hurt Locker.

Our congratulations go out to Jeremy for the Academy Award nomination! We loved the performance and think Renner’s amazing work deserves every accolade.

Renner joins Tom in the multiple nominations club, with our boss having landed a Best Supporting Actor nod of his own for Magnolia and Best Actor nominations for Jerry Maguire and Born on the Fourth of July. Between the duo, that packs some serious performance power into the production of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol!

For everyone that didn’t catch Renner’s performance in theaters, here’s a clip of a scene opposite Ben Affleck, both co-star and director of The Town:

Whoa! If that scene got anymore heavy, we’d need a back brace. You can tell right away that Renner’s screen presence brings gravity to whatever scene he plays. It’s the kind of award-winning intensity that will ratchet up the action in the latest Mission Impossible!

We can hardly wait. And from all accounts from the press to fans hitting the streets at the Vancouver filming location, cinema lovers can’t wait either! As a little treat, we’re cueing up a clip from the last installment in the series – Mission Impossible III – to help quench our thirst for action. Enjoy!

What do you think of Jeremy Renner’s Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor? Did you love his performance in The Town? Are you ready for that same intensity in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol? Let us know in the comments section!!

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  • Brenda Lee Heppner

    Excellent action and stunts you are definitley one of the best :)

  • Barbara

    I love all of Toms’ movies especially MI . I love the intensity, the action, the acting is realistic and it goes to show you all the preparation Tom puts into his movies since the beginning thus that is why he is the man. I really respect his body of work and having all his movies is on my wish list for sure! I can’t wait for the next one! Thanks Tom!

  • Raja

    jerremy renner rocks! together u 2 will blast d screen.all d best

  • Kimberly

    I can’t wait for MI:GP to be in theaters! It’s gonna be AwEsOmE!

  • Reichelclanton2005

    Well I guess everyone already said. Everything a bout Tom and his movies…I just want to said thank you for great movies &thank YOU FOR been such a wonderful actor ..and final thank to your Mon and for made you very good looking men…:-)

  • Www Henry_9

    enemy nnnnnnnnnnnplzzzzzzzzzzfor god sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marcelo Caballero

    Congratulations on the nomination, and good clips of M I III !!

  • Alex007

    Tom, I very much hope that you snimeshsya from Guillermo del Toro in “At the Mountains of Madness”! I am sure that this is the movie that you need! James Cameron and Guillermo del Toro to make a good film, but with your participation, the picture must be great!

  • Janetdecastro2020

    Tom i love your movies, when r u going to make MI IV. If i want to put myself in a good mood i watch MI 3 or  TOP GUN. Janet de Castro South Africa.

  • cmeck54

    why didn’t Ghost Protocol get a nomination for Best Picture?  I thought it was the best and why didn’t Tom get a nomination for best actor?