Tom Cruise Co-Stars Cameron Diaz & Tom Wilkinson in Number One Movie, The Green Hornet!


A pair of co-stars in Tom Cruise’s last two movies – Cameron Diaz from Knight and Day and Tom Wilkinson from Valkyrie – are featured in The Green Hornet, the number one movie this week in America! The team at is excited to give our congratulations to both Cameron and Tom on the success of their latest film, which proved wildly popular in its opening weekend.

The Green Hornet movie is a re-telling of the classic radio adventure serial from the 1940s and 50s written by and starring Seth Rogen in the title role. The Green Hornet’s true identity is Britt Reid, a wealthy playboy whose flippant attitude is shattered in the wake of the murder of his father – played by Wilkinson. Inheriting a family-owned media empire, Reid hires the mysterious Kato (played by Chinese superstar Jay Chou) as his mechanic and aide-de-camp. The duo strike out on training and equipping themselves for their alter-egos to fight crime and avenge Reid’s father.

Check out the official HD trailer for a closer look at the action and comedy:

As you can see, Cameron makes her appearance as Lenore Case, a criminologist and love interest to both Reid and Kato. We’re not gonna give away anything, but bullets and sparks are destined to fly.

Here’s a peek at Cameron and Tom together in clip from Knight and Day for fans to enjoy:

For cinema fans who need to catch the action again – or for the first time – should consider picking up a copy of Knight and Day on DVD or BluRay disc. You can find the details below:

Knight and Day DVD Cover You can order the Knight and Day (Single-Disc Edition) DVD from Amazon here!

Tom Wilkinson may not be a household name in the world of action movies, but the British actor garnered rave critical reviews and an Best Supporting Actor nomination at the Oscars for his work on Michael Clayton. He teamed with Tom on Valkyrie as the turncoat General Fromm. Check out this intense scene near the finale of the film with the exchange between this pair of performers:

We had to wipe our brow after watching that scene! If they ratcheted up the tension anymore, we’d have to start watching our blood pressure. Awesome work from both actors!

Congratulations again to both Cameron Diaz and Tom Wilkinson on their triumph at the box office this last weekend. We’ll always be big fans and are happy for your success.

What do you think of the release of The Green Hornet this weekend? Were you in the theaters to help it reach number one? Will you be checking it out this week to keep it there? Let us know in the comments section!

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  • Kelli La Fountaine

    Love it! xo :-P

  • Kelli La Fountaine

    Love it!!!! :-p

  • Mu00e1rio u00c9vora

    Dear TomnI am still enchanted with the story of the the valkyrie film;nand for your brilliant performance,and the other actors were also,great performance.nThe movie teaches us an nvery important detail : THE LEADERS SHOULD NEVER HESITATE.nNot registered was some hesitation,the purpose of the officers could be succesful.Hitler could have stayed at least,outside of military force influencies,so he would be easily neutralized,and the story would be told in another way.nnthank you,best regards.

  • Eveknights

    valkyrie and knight and day are truly awesome movie…and the stars from these two movie will make the “the green hornet” movie as good one…but m much eager to see the MIGP…