Spot The Anamolies! – Top Gun Game


HOW TO PLAY: The first person to find and post all the anomalies found in the Top Gun picture above at Facebook or Twitter will receive the ENTIRE TOM CRUISE CAREER DVD COLLECTION!


  • becki johns

    this picwas not on the runway originally

  • Picklechips4u

    one jet upside down

  • Barryhiggins2004

    Iceman on the bike, we all know he was Maverick.nWedding ring, didn’t think he was married.nLast plan upside down, can’t be good.n

  • Kimberly


  • Baurushan99

    Woah! How many stuff is there to spot. but there is only one thing to say…Cruise looks young and badass as always in this film.

  • Baurushan Jeyaseelan

    Hah! it looks like young Tom Cruise was on the Star Wars set with his motorbike as an young adult

  • Rustyc

    background is LAX, no military flights there. And the new tower wasn’t built when the movie was released.

  • rubendm101

    Iceman name on the bike? he was Maverick!! LAX? wasnt Miramar? F-14 and a SAF F-117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter!!!! a VMW Motorcicle? Mavericku2019s bike was the Kawasaki GPZ900R Ninja Motorbike 1985 !!!