EXCLUSIVE: Tom Cruise Mission Impossible III Wallpaper!


For all the movie fans waiting in anticipation for the release of the next Tom Cruise movie, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, the team at TomCruise.com thought a Friday treat would help ease the anxiety: a Tom Cruise wallpaper straight from Mission Impossible III! While Tom is hard at work in Vancouver filming the latest installment in the series, previously known as Mission Impossible 4, we thought a blast from Ethan Hunt’s recent past would help satisfy your spy thriller needs – if only for a little while.

For cinema aesthetes looking to brush up on their Mission: Impossible history, we recommend you check out our list of the top 10 Tom Cruise action scenes. Mission Impossible III figures heavily on the list. The framing, the composition, the misc en scene, the explosions – they all contribute to making this series a fan favorite.

Tom Cruise fans coming to the blog from Twitter and Facebook, looking for a slice of action history need to look no further! Ethan Hunt has your back in this still taken from the legendary series. Take a look below for instructions on how to get this exclusive image downloaded and installed as your background:


  • Look below for the size that best fits your screen, and click to get directed to the image.
  • When you arrive at the page, right click the image and save as your desktop picture.
  • You should be looking at your brand-spanking-new background! :)

Tom Cruise Wallpaper Background – Mission Impossible III 960×640 (iPhone Resolution)

Tom Cruise Wallpaper Background – Mission Impossible III 1024 x 768 (iPad Resolution)

Tom Cruise Wallpaper Background – Mission Impossible III 1280 x 800

Tom Cruise Wallpaper Background – Mission Impossible III 1440 x 900

Tom Cruise fans and Mission Impossible admirers, you’re in the driver’s seat! Downloads for these backgrounds are only available to the readers of the blog here at TomCruise.com. We know the fans love them, so we’ll keep them coming. Stay in touch for even more awesome Tom Cruise wallpaper and background images from the team here at TomCruise.com.

For fans who want to really soak up the Ethan Hunt ethos, you may consider purchasing the DVD for Mission Impossible III to remind yourself of how awesome these thrill ride movies can be! Take a look below for more info:

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    I’m just loving my collection of Tom Cruise Wallpaper. Thanks!!

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    Lovely!!! :D

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    nice upload but why does Tom look younger than he did in the previous movie? Just asking

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    thanks for your all wallpapers…..you care a lot for your fans,i like this…you are great!!!!

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    you looks awesome……..in these wallpapers;;;;;;;

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    I was seeing this movie again in March.nJapan is panic in a large earthquake now(3.11./2011).nIt will see again in April.

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    Earth Angel..

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    Stop teasing…lol! You know which picture I am anticipating….gallery column 4 row 4. Can’t wait!

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    You rock. I still mantain that Vanilla Sky was your best performance yet. Eyes wide shut & Interview with a vampire as well.

  • Patricia

    … but I love all the Missions!