Top Five Tom Cruise Lines From The Rotten Tomatoes Show!

Tom Cruise has given thee a ton of awesome performances throughout his career, filled with memorable lines – with five chosen sen as his best in an episode of The Rotten Tomatoes Show! In the video above, you can see these moments of culture-defining dialogue as the film review show – based on the popular website that collates movie reviews – counts them down.

Currently a part of the Current television network, The Rotten Tomatoes Show offers humorous insight into the film industry with a soupçon of snark. The team at are fans and are proud Tom’s top moments were compiled into this list.

For fans without the time or bandwidth for video, you can take a look at the list we’ve extracted for you below:

5. Jerry Maguire


One of Tom’s most memorable roles also led to one of his most indelible lines. In his Oscar-nominated performance in Cameron Crowe’s Jerry Maguire, Tom gets into a high-volume exchange with client Rod Tidwell, played by Cuba Gooding Jr. The conversation led to a pop culture phenomenon that still may be heard today:


We’re guessing there’s probably people around the world that know that expression without having seen the film. If you’re in that camp, we implore you to check it out – it’s among Tom’s best.

4. Magnolia


With his portrayal of self-help guru Frank “T.J.” Mackey in the drama Magnolia, Tom delivered one of the all-time chillers and hard stares along with the classic line:

“I’m sitting here quietly judging you.”

Whoa! How’s that for intensity!! Tom delves into the light and dark of his character in the Paul Thomas Anderson film, and came up with the big-time respect of he’s peers. It’s one we continue to love, and this line was a big part of the performance.

3. Tropic Thunder


Much has been said about Tom’s performance as the high-volume and profane producer, Les Grossman, in the Ben Stiller movie Tropic Thunder. In the interest of keeping the blog family friendly, we’ll only paraphrase his line by alluding to the unpleasant greeting he delivers a Burmese terrorist. It was enough to make a Golden Triangle warlord blush! Now that is the power of words.

You can check out Les’ outrageous antics in greater detail in other posts we’ve written. They don’t disappoint. ;)

2. Risky Business


In his first leading performance in the 80s hit comedy Risky Business, Tom’s megawatt smile gets it’s first big workout in the punchline to this classic scene involving an Ivy league interview in the midst of a raucous house party. In response to his interlocutor, Tom playfully gives him a piece of profane advice and continues have a good time.

To check out the entire clip, you can watch it here.

Not to spoil anything, but the clever exchange doesn’t hurt his character’s chances as much as you would think. ;).

1. Top Gun


If it was Risky Business that put Tom on the Hollywood map, it was his work in Top Gun that made him a global star. And if one line sums up that naval fighter drama, it would have to be the following:

“I have a need. A need for speed!!”

When said in unison with co-star Anthony Edwards, it always gets our blood pumping! If there’s no one around to high-five, we just air-five at the screen. We’re guessing there’s a few of the fans out there doing the same.


What do you guys think? Did The Rotten Tomatoes Show nail it with their countdown on Tom’s best lines? Or are your favorites missing? We’re guessing there’s more than a little controversy to swirl around this one! Let us know in the comments section.

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Bests. :)

  • Marcelle Reis

    Tom Cruise is the best actor of world. nn@reismarcelle

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    You rock!!!!!! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Love U!!!!

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    It seem to me, i have been missing some of this movies, or they are not out jet!n

  • john pender

    Tom Cruise has inspired me or did work that provided a great escape for so many years…it’s something the way an artist can add so much to so many lives

  • john pender

    Hope this isn’t a duplicate. It’s something how an artist like Tom Cruise can affect so many of us…make us think about things, escape and laugh. It’s called making a difference in someone’s life…and as a fan…he has made mine better.

  • Marcelo Caballero

    Yes, the five are very cut !

  • Chriseufrazio

    Many people found,each in their time,these films were horrible!More I am fond of tone and found all wonderful,my favorite is Top Gun.Tom Cruise is the maximum!!!

  • Reneestafford

    He is a character in a movie argh.! I hate critics lol especially loser critics, in fact hes a rotten tomatoes critic, with possible border line green tomato personality disorder. I think your great and all those rotten tomatoes made you the rose you are today@!@!

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    lolzzzz….it was so funny and mind refreshing…m loving it….dude i love that dance you did in tropic thunder..lolzzz…you are awesome and great dude…. :) ;) :*

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    WTF is now very popular among texting….Who knew way before the times?? You will always remain in the now !! We love you!! ;~D MuAh

  • renee stafford

    I apologize but the portrayed critics ,in the scenes in the collection of 5 rotten tomatoes, to me implied they were not good ,or that they lacked something in nature ,so i kinda got defensive. I think that the comment” I’m the guy,” was pretty good in Knight and day oh and the “I’m here, your here” lol killed me man, actually I enjoyed tom cruises sense of comedy in this kinda made me think of the pink panther. Nice to see him loosen up!

  • Kimberly

    Are you kidding? Which is my favorite?? ALL of them! This just shows how Tom Cruise is such a versatile actor! Love them all! :)

  • renee stafford

    I couldn’t agree more. I’m glad you brought up this point. The other day I was told by a friend, that just because someone can get in front of a camera and act, does not mean they are contributors to society. This kinda made me sad. I mean it goes back to accent times. Philosophers, writers and dancers could use theater to convey their ideas in ways more appealing to the higher Archy as well as the middle and lower classes. They could also use it to rebel in a less obtrusive way. Acting wasn’t always just to make money it was a way of communication. A portrayal of society. Its thought and opinions. An just like today subject, to prejudice and criticisms. Let’s not forget that these actors a subject to a script that is written by a writer with a concept which is trying to be conveyed by a team.

  • caramelle

    Bonnes ou mauvaises critiques, on s’en moque ; les 1u00e8res font du bien et les secondes sont souvent constructives ; les films avec Tom nous ont marquu00e9s (aussi bien ma gu00e9nu00e9ration que celle de mes enfants) ; actions, u00e9motions fortes, tendresse et surtout humour souvent mu00ealu00e9s au fantastique ou au progru00e8s technologique ou aux visions futuristes sont un cocktail que l’on appru00e9cie beaucoup ; du00e9cidu00e9ment Tom u00e0 sa place dans l’histoire mu00eame si parfois il a fait quelques “boulettes” : c’est tellement humain ( lol lu00e0 je me moque un tout ptit peu ) xD . Tom on attend toujours vos nouveaux films avec impatience !

  • Reneestafford

    Oh I have to be honest although the characters portrayed are different in each of the movies. They ranged from funny to quite serious. I think they were all good picks for the top 5,

  • Marivic

    All films compilation of your movies were great. I like your most memorable film Top Gun. The passionate kissing scene of maveriek was so affectionate.

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    Wooah! He is very HANDSOME! Oh My God!nI LOVE!

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    The Color of Money? And that movies Tommy was very very very much good! Top Gun or The Color of Money? I prefer first The Color of Money and second Top Gun….

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    Love the men.

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    Tom had a lot of good movies so there are a lot of missing but you can not take every movie i understandthat and we love your movies to here in holland the very best x syl

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    I love you. Period.

  • Rida Salman

    I love you. Period.

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    hilarious….these are mine fav scene too…funny scenes..

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    I think he is one of the best

  • Xiansiempre

    My fav is in vanilla sky “i’ll tell you in another life…when we are both cats” which is actually penelope cruz’s line but when he repeats it at the end of the film. another good one from that film is “tech support!” which is one i’ll always remember