Knight And Day Forsees New Technology!

KD McGuffin Pic 2

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains a minor spoiler about the plot of the latest Tom Cruise movie, Knight and Day. Fans totally unfamiliar with the central narrative for the movie who want to maintain the mystery, feel free to check out some other technology-related posts from the team at

The type of technology that led Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz’ characters on an around-the-world chase in Knight and Day may soon be making it’s way into real life! The little device depicted in the movie – a super-powerful battery with enough juice to perpetually light up a small city – comes one step closer to actualization, according to press accounts, with the advent of new mobile fuel cell chargers.

While not quite the “Zephyr” battery promised in Knight and Day, the mobile generators created by MTI Micro have shrunk in size and now use clean-burning methanol to power up batteries to charge any device via USB. Since methanol is among available renewable fuel sources, the Mobion Fuel Cell Generator released by the company, is environmental friendly and capable of delivering a charge anywhere you travel around the globe.

Here’s a look at the palm-sized generator, below:

KD Battery 1

Amazing that basically any mobile device that takes a charge via USB can cleanly fill a battery on the fly! The team at are big advocates of clean technology, so we can’t wait to get more battery chargers like this to keep all our gadgets full and happy while maintaining the planet. :)

Below is another photo from MTI Micro of the actual little battery that charges your phone or mobile device:

KD Battery 2

Talk about small! That’s the kind of mobile technology we like. quick, clean and simple.

Now if only it could power an entire megalopolis :P. That’s technology running around the world for!

If you have yet to catch the action from Knight and Day, we won’t go much further into the plot other than to say the chase to keep the Zephyr safe doesn’t stop to the very end – with plenty of surprises along the way. Take a look below for information on picking up a copy for yourself:

Knight and Day DVD Cover You can order the Knight and Day (Single-Disc Edition) DVD from Amazon here!

Are you interested in clean technology? How about a mobile charger that runs on clean fuel? Let us know in the comments section!

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    Pretty neat! And it reminds me – how are the solar powered units coming along? There are various solar powered batteries etc. that you can find if you look around but nothing mainstream yet.

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    I think this would be great for survival uses such as travel remote places or power failures as well as the clean air benefits. I would like to know however what, where and how are they produced and is the production there of American Made and Environmentally safe?

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    Interesting. Too bad they can’t make car batteries out of the same type of material. But never the less, that’s awesome!

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