Jerry Maguire Co-Star Jonathan Lipnicki On Access Hollywood!

jonathan lipnicki modern portrait
Jerry Maguire may have earned Tom Cruise one of his three Academy Award nominations, but the scene-stealing performance of a very young Jonathan Lipnicki is still a fan favorite from the Cameron Crowe movie. The previously pint-sized performer took voice roles in both Stuart Little movies before going on hiatus from acting, but has returned to the scene with a splash appearing on Access Hollywood!

Lipnicki steps back into the acting game with a role in the upcoming feature film, For The Love Of Money, aside Hollywood legends James Caan and Jeffrey Tambor along with veteran Edward Furlong. The film is helmed by Ellie Kanner and features French model/actress Delphine Chanéac in the female lead. The team at is of course delighted for Jonathan’s return to the big screen and look forward to seeing the new project.

Following his ride to stardom in Jerry Maguire, Lipnicki took a break to finish school and live life out of the Hollywood spotlight. In the meanwhile, the young actor also took to intense physical training and found a passion for mixed martial arts, as evidenced through news he shares on his Twitter feed.

But for those that will always remember him as the bespectacled sprite from Jerry Maguire, including some of the more dedicated fans of the romantic comedy, the HD trailer below should bring back happy memories:

What do you think of Jonathan Lipnicki’s return to the silver screen? Are you excited to check out his new movie? Let us know in the comments section!

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  • Songbd

    Welcome back Jonathan. You look great. Good for you on doing your thing in high school and studying and becoming good at mixed martial arts. You will do well. I know this even without seeing your new film. If Tom Cruise is promoting you then you’ve got it together. See you at the movies, Jonathan. Way to go buddy!!!nsongbird

  • Michel Bragahini

    Hello “the best site team ever”!nI’m here and this article about Tom’s Jerry Maguire is sort of a actual fact in my life since yesterday. I was cruelly exposed for silliest of the motivations but I wont fight back, Im still too tiny for doing that to a monster company like the one where I work for. Time is the best medicine always, and like in the movie’s story I hope to feel the sweet taste of JUSTICE, as Tom’s character got.nnLuvs