Knight and Day MOVIE TITLE MASHUP Winners Announced!!


Last Friday, the team threw down our biggest challenge to movie fans on Twitter and Facebook yet: create a movie title mashup for a chance to receive the ENTIRE COLLECTION OF TOM CRUISE DVDs!!! Needless to mention, the response was overwhelming, lighting up the social media channels throughout the weekend and into this week.

In fact, the response was so tremendous, we felt it only right to EXTEND the chance to receive the Tom Cruise filmography on DVD to TWO FANS, one on Facebook and another on Twitter! That’s right!! Two times the magic from the team in recognition of the cinema fans creativity and hard work :)

But we’re not stopping there. We took it a step further and continued to pick two other posts – one each from Facebook and Twitter – to receive Tom Cruise DVDs as runners up! These fans will receive a copy of the Knight and Day DVD, in addition to any two Tom Cruise DVDs of their choosing. How’s that for sweet!

Just to be clear, we selected those fans who posted creative, clearly written sentences that included the title Knight and Day along with as many other movie titles they could in an engaging manner. Fans could post as many movie title mashups as they could. All posts were submitted prior to 12:00 a.m. on Dec. 14.

Without further ado, let’s get to our winners!

First, the fan from Facebook to receive the collection of Tom Cruise DVDs with her charming and witty post is Gail S.! Check out her post below:

TC DVD Collection - FB Winner

Fantastic post Gail! Congratulations on getting picked to receive the Tom Cruise DVD filmography! Enjoy watching all those awesome movies!

Next up, the Twitter fan with the most creative movie title mash-up was Myra (@mshaikh81) with her conflicted phrase craftily combining several titles in a very short space. Congratulations Myra!

TC DVD Collection - Twitter WinnerFor our runners up, we’ll start with the post from the Facebook fan who will receive the Knight and Day DVD along with their choice of two other Tom Cruise DVDs. Our congratulations go out to Siobhan M. for the wonderful post revolving around love and marriage.

TC DVD Collection - FB Runner Up

Let’s not forget the great effort from our Twitter runner up! Exerting effort in several posts, Olivia (@aka_liv) cooked up a fantastic short entry that flowed beautifully even with a morbid ending ;) Thanks for the posts Olivia and congratulations on your new DVDs.

TC DVD Collection - Twitter Runner UpAnd thanks again to all the movie fans who participated in this major movie title mashup. We’re overwhelmed with your creativity, passion and dedication to cinema. In your honor, we’ve included a selection of Facebook wall posts and Tweets below. Take a peek and see if your posts are here.

TC DVD Collection - FB Posts1TC DVD Collection - FB Posts2

TC DVD Collection - Twitter Posts1TC DVD Collection - Twitter Posts2

Remember to stay tuned to the official Facebook and Twitter pages for awesome giveaways and fun challenges for movie fans. You can wind up in our blog or receive cool stuff!

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    lindo de maisssssss

  • Lauren Kelley, C. Ht. (aka: Laurel Phoenix)

    Congrats to the winners. Enjoy your movies. It was a lot of fun to play.

  • Regina Smith

    BFF ►►

    Hey Tom & company!

    This was fun/delightful to read!

    Post me lucky wishes or some fab-wear pics of your own to share with readers.

    You may forward any fashion-related topic and pics regarding any of your events.

    Please always let us know who and what you guys are wearing, OK?

    *¨*•.¸¸.• ((HUGS)) & Happy Holidays! *¨*•.¸¸.•

    (All “Knight and Day,” LOL!)

  • Ashley Werner

    Great contest, it was alot of fun to do! Thanks for sporting my tweet on ur website!! Very appreciated! :) I really liked “Siobhan’s” entry too, very funny! U guys rock as usual. :)

  • Christy Bryan

    I keep trying and keep trying to get this Movie Title Mash-up contest, but I can’t seem to get it right. I keep trying again, but I just can’t seem to get the right idea down. Perhaps, it is because I was having so much fun at giving it a try, I gave you multiple entries, both on Facebook and on Twitter.

    Congrats to the winners of the contests! I’m glad your shooting of MI:4 is going O.K.

    Chris Bryan

  • http://facebookandtwiter Marcela María

    Thank you so much for so many teachins great actor.

  • Gail

    Thank you so much!! I can hardly wait to watch them all!!

  • Carless Yen

    Mine was defintely better then those :) How you gonna mention “the Color of Money” and “Rsiky Buisness” in your sentance and lose :( lol Merry Christmas Tom.

  • Vicki

    I thought it was suppsed to be only one sentence? Oh well, better luck next time. I guess my VHS TC tapes have to last me a bit longer. Congrats to the winners!

  • Jan

    Great post!

  • Hank P.

    Man….I was hoping for the honorable mention. Bummer…ahh…I tried…


    Hank, a VERY Honorable mention to you!

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    Oh dam I was hoping to be be one of the winners well I still tried.

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    Loved your Knight and Day movie, thank you.nI’m a famous Chinese actress from Xi’an.

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    My wife zhang and I love your action movies and hope you will make one in China.

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    aw man I was hoping to be one of the winners announced. oh well I tried and it was fun. At least I’m a good writer :/