Movie Title Mash-Up: Fans Make Creative Phrases From Film Titles!

On Friday, the team at challenged all the movie fans on Twitter and Facebook to dream up creative phrases using movie titles – and the response was tremendous! The ideas came rolling in, and we sifted through the best to pick out five winners who used the titles most creatively to make a complete sentence that made the most narrative sense. These entries didn’t necessarily need to include Tom Cruise movie titles, but it turned out that Tom’s filmography was heavily featured in some of the most compelling entries.

Our top winner, Lori Storms Collins, posted a great response to Facebook to win a copy of the Knight and Day DVD, along with her choice of either the three Mission: Impossible DVDs or her three favorite Tom Cruise movies. Take a look at her creative phrase below:

Movie Title Sentences 5

Congratulations, Lori! We thought your creativity was exceptional and put a smile on our face :)

Below are the other four fans with their movie title phrases posted – each employing the creativity we love to see from all our friends and fans in social media. Each will also receive a copy of the Knight and Day DVD . Thanks again guys, and congratulations!

Movie Title Sentences 1Movie Title Sentences 2Movie Title Sentences 3Movie Title Sentences 4


While the top five are listed above, it was a hard call to make in order to find the very best from our call for creative phrases using movie titles. In recognition of the massive output of creativity from everyone online, we’ve included some of our favorite responses below:

Movie Title Sentences 6

Movie Title Sentences 7

Movie Title Sentences 8

Movie Title Sentences 10

Movie Title Sentences 11Movie Title Sentences 12Movie Title Sentences 13Movie Title Sentences 14Movie Title Sentences 15Movie Title Sentences 16Movie Title Sentences 17Movie Title Sentences 18Movie Title Sentences 19Movie Title Sentences 20Movie Title Sentences 21Movie Title Sentences 22Movie Title Sentences 23Movie Title Sentences 24Movie Title Sentences 25

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  • Mayanktaker

    Congrats friends… I didn’t win.

  • Al Nika

    JERRY MAGUIRE, the LEGEND, and FEW GOOD MEN from THE FIRM decided to go for a COCKTAIL at VANILLA SKY bar. Although they were the TOP GUN they felt more like THE OUTSIDERS than JUST THE HARDY MEN.

    They knew it from the MINORITY REPORT that it would be more of an IMPOSSIBLE MISSION
    rather than just a RISKY BUSINESS to get an INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE.
    . ‘Tomorrow will RAIN, MAN’, said VALKYRIE, it’s the Chinese DAYS OF THUNDER. AUSTIN POWERS IN GOLDMEMBER looked at him with his EYES WIDE SHUT. ‘Are you saying this is a TROPICAL THUNDER’? He didn’t reply, just start it LOSIN’ IT FAR AND AWAY to MAGNOLIA, where THE LAST SAMURAI despises THE COLOR OF MONEY and just TAPS for
    some ENDLESS LOVE. Suddenly he turned at his friends. ‘Did you know that he was BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY?’.
    ‘And not only, he can go out KNIGHT AND DAY and start a WAR OF THE WORLDS?’ – ‘He considers that COLLATERAL. ‘Well, with ALL THE RIGHT MOVES, he can have THE LIONS FOR LAMB’. They all laughed, as they entered the bar. The DJ was playing the ROCK OF AGES.

  • Kimberly

    These are too funny! Great job!!

  • shirley shomron

    hi to our facebook friends you’ve got mail from meg ryan and tom hanks from the great movie with a lot of mail and love don’t forget to see your mai and regads to tom cruise and be on the top of the world like top gun

    your shirley shomron

  • neenyz

    Thankfully !

  • Angel

    I was dying to check out Jerry Maguire at the interview with the vampire, he was saying he was born on the fourth of July when that lame rain man took over giving minority report about thr tropic thunder and I was thinking ‘it’s vanilla sky, why bother? You’re not gonna be Knight and Day as your hair looks just like Austin Powers!’

  • Angel

    t’s a Risky Business to go on Mission Impossible to be against War of the Worlds knowing that it’s not The Last Samurai to help to get over with the Days of Thunder which it better to stick being a Knight and Day and enjoy Endless Love instead of Losin’ It

  • Angel

    A Few Good Men all Born On The 4th of July worked 2gether @ The Firm Knight and Day Losin’it Eyes Wide Shut over The Color Of Money