XBox 360 Kinect Brings Minority Report Technology To Real Life!


XBox Kinect not only brings the awesome world of motion gaming to the popular Microsoft game console, it also brings the technology of the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report to real life! The Kinect is shaping up to be this year’s Christmas hit by using the futuristic interface involving a camera, your body and… that’s pretty much it! The interface recognizes your movement alone in order to play games – no need for a controller at all. Dancing, sports, even role playing with an avatar, XBox Kinect games are truly an immersive experience.

For Tom Cruise fans, the XBox Kinect looks nearly identical to the technology depicted in the Steven Spielberg film, Minority Report. Minus the gloves, the Kinect can manipulate a screen with gestures almost exactly like Tom did in the movie!

Some technology fans noticed the similarities and have gotten creative with the Kinect, using it in conjunction with their PCs! Take a look below at the videos of these technical wizards in actions:

Nearly a virtual copy of the Minority Report technology comes from the geniuses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). Of course it’s the future leaders in the field that are quickly coming the closest to making science fiction a reality!

Also close to the actual Minority Report technology from the movie, one fan set it up to now interact with their computer through gestures alone! That’s amazing.

More Minority Report in real life, we see the potential for multiple gestures manipulating data simultaneously. This is making our head hurt a little, but still looks amazing!

How about that for technical genius?! Using the Kinect camera, 3D simulations for video conferencing may not be far from the norm. The team at can’t wait, even if it means picking up the living room a little more often ;).

Is the XBox 360 Kinect on the top of your Christmas list for 2010? Are you excited to have Minority Report technology in your home? Let us know in the comments section!

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  • Brandon Smith

    This article is amazing, the part that blew my mind in Minority Report was the whole computer scene. I would love to have a Kinect, I think my girlfriend and I would use it so well, we need something to help us work out and get the best out of our lives, and I just love Tom Cruise films so having Minority Report would be an awesome early christmas present from everyone at Keep up the good work everyone.



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    This is exciting!

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    Who does not like to have all this technology and fun at home … wow … when I watch the movie it was fascinating… but think that now is at our reach is impressive as it progresses technology… Thanks for keeping us abreast of all that is new.

  • Gail

    That is so cool! So exciting how advanced technology is becoming!! Loved Minority Report and its incredible that it can be done with Kinect! The Kinect looks amazing and Tom’s movies are always incredible <3

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    Tom I am using you as my excuse for why a 42 year old woman needs an XBOX. I already have Playstation 3 (oops I mean my son has Playstation 3).

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    Very cool. Amazing alchemy from humans and technology…

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    life imitating art. Excellent.

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    Cooollll!!!Soon we have this in our rotine?Pretty cool!

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    Quand la ru00e9alitu00e9 du00e9passe la fiction … au mu00eame titre que Jules Verne ou Lu00e9onard de Vinci…. Steven Spielberg m’apparait de plus en plus comme un visionnaire ! Le progru00e8s technologique est fulgurant ces derniu00e8res annu00e9es, mais est-ce que le “cerveau” de monsieur “tout le monde” est capable de s’adapter u00e0 tout u00e7a ?