Valkyrie Screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie Pens ‘The Wolverine’

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Tom Cruise collaborator, Valkyrie screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie, got tapped to pen the script for The Wolverine, the latest film to enter the Marvel universe. McQuarrie is teaming with famed dramatic director Darren Aronofsky, who only recently revealed the title of the next installment of the invincible, be-clawed superhero’s story.

Famed for his intense screenplays ranging from the aforementioned Valkyrie through his breakthrough Academy Award-winning script for The Usual Suspects, McQuarrie is bound to deliver the unexpected twist that will blow audiences away. The team at loves his work with Tom and Valkyrie director Bryan Singer. With this new adaptation based on a legendary comic book plot from the 1980s first penned by Frank Miller, we’re sure the scribe crafted an exciting addition to the superhero’s story.

According to Aronofsky, the movie is set as a ‘one-off’ film, not necessarily a part of the X-Men storyline. However, as with previous appearances, Wolverine will still be played by actor Hugh Jackman.

The new film will reportedly take the hot-tempered Wolverine to Japan for adventures against sword wielding baddies. Wielding his famed claws, the action is sure to be pedal to the literal metal.

We’ve included a clip from the last film, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, outlining some of the background behind the fuzzy hero’s shadowy history:

And for good measure, you may want to refresh your memory for the dramatically taut scenes McQuarrie’s capable of assembling with a peek at the Valkyrie trailer below:

Are you excited about the upcoming Wolverine movie written by Tom Cruise collaborator Chirstopher McQuarrie? Are you a fan of the writer’s work on Valkyrie? Let us know in the comments section!

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  • monica serra

    Chirstopher McQuarrie… adorei seu trabalho no filme Operação Valquiria, adoro filmes baseados em fatos reais, depois de assistir o filme no cinema, cheguei em casa fui direto a internet para ver as fotos do coronel Claus … achei este filme espetacular, trata-se de um tema fascinante e desconhecido da maioria das pessoas, … e Tom Cruise no papel do Coronel Claus estava perfeito !!!!!!!!!

    Chirstopher obrigada por saber um pouco mais da nossa história, e espero mais alguma surpresa em sua autoria. e por favor com o lindo ator Tom Cruise…. :)

  • Helder

    Hello gentlemens!
    I am working in the translation of the biggest epic of Hindu literature…
    I could guess that the work could be adapted to cinema, on a episodes base…
    I wander if there is someone interested in a project of this nature?
    ps: ( it is not easy)

    All the best and have a nice weekend!

  • ami

    Woww…I’ll wait 4 this movie’s release…..!!!!”Wolverine -origin” was awesomeeee….!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ll wait 4 Hugh Jackman’s action…..!!!!!!:)Christopher McQuarrie did good job in “Valkyrie”……….!!!!!….I’m sure…the next movie’ll b awesome…..!!!!!!:)

  • Brandon Smith

    Well this installment in the X-men Origins series actually sounds good, I wasn’t to big on the first film the script was terrible and just led to a jumbled horrid pace. I wish McQuarrie all the best of luck, Valkriye was one of my favorite movies in 09, so I know this film will be good.