Knight and Day DVD Release Date Is Here…Tomorrow! Pre-Order Today!

The Tom Cruise action comedy Knight and Day DVD release date is set for tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 30! Movie fans are hours away from catch the globe trotting action of Tom and Cameron Diaz on DVD and Blu-Ray!

knight and day dvd You can pre-order now on Amazon here!

For all the fans of the action and  comedy who missed Tom and Cameron’s race around the the world from the seats in a theater, here’s your chance to catch up on a story the world has loved! With the precision video and audio from Fox Home Entertainment, you may wind up ducking punches and jumping behind the couch to dodge explosions!

For fans that caught the action in the theater, but want to relive the excitement, there’s plenty of extras to keep you entertained!

First on the list of Knight and Day DVD bonus features are viral videos some fans may have stumbled on a few months back. Get a kick out of the World Cup magic of  Tom and Cameron’s amazing soccer skills in the first video. :) Then, brace yourself for impact with an stunt outtake that left both a snack table and Tom a little disheveled. We’re guessing Cameron has been seeing a pretty awesome trainer for that one. ;)

Want more? No sweat! The DVD also comes loaded with several behind-the-scenes featurettes. It’s the king of on-location extras that the team at loves to watch, filled with the drama of making a cinematic spectacle like Knight and Day! We always love checking out the challenges of assembling a film of this magnitude and the magic of breathing life into a project. This is the opportunity to get an all-access pass!

For the Knight and Day DVD or Blu Ray disc, these exclusive backstage looks include “Wilder Knights and Crazier Days,” “Boston Days and Spanish Knights,” along with the Knight and Day “Scope” and “Story.”

You can pre-order now on Amazon here!

Get some insight from Knight and Day director James Mangold, as well as co stars like Peter Sarsgaard, Paul Dano and Viola Davis, about what made the summer movie so fast-paced and funny! Fans can pre-order now from Amazon in order to guarantee the quickest delivery of the action comedy just in time for the holiday season.

Anyone having a tough time waiting for the Knight and Day DVD to drop tomorrow, you can find some satisfaction with a look a the offiical Knight and Day HD trailer below to get your heart pumping:

Are you excited about release of Knight and Day on BluRay and DVD, tomorrow? Are you ready for the action? The comedy? Both? Let us know in the comments section!

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  • Guilherme

    Dear Tom
    This movie’s simply amazing! I had fun with it! Thanks Tom!
    Follow me :)

  • Muhammad Jawad Afzaal

    I love you Tom Cruise. You are ideal person to me. I want to meets you in my life at once.

  • Galina

    Dear Tom! You are super in this movie. And I love “Magnolia”

  • Lisa Kessler

    This movie looks SO fun!!!!

    I missed it in the theaters, so I’ll definitely be needing the DVD!!! :)

    Thanks for the info on the blog!


  • LisaMM0679

    Loved this movie in the theatres, so can’t wait for the DVD release to watch it again.
    You have exceptional talent, I have loved everyone of your movies, since I first watched Top Gun with my uncle. To this day I can still reconize the theme song after the first note. Excellent work and soo looking forward to showing my son your movies when he gets older.
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful and loving holiday season.
    From, Nova Scotia Canada

  • saiid abdul malik

    try to make me win the prize

  • ami

    I didn’t seen it theater..bcoz here’s no theater…!But I hope I’ll see it soon….!Through DVD….!:)I’m waiting 4 it…..!:)Thanx 4 this site..Tom…!I’m a big fan of u….!:)

  • endah cute

    im a big fan of tom cruse..I really love this film..excited if i can get the dvd..

  • http://facebook brenda

    i like the moive and it was so good i will buy the moive soon.

  • donald

    hey tom,
    this movie is really great i love it
    so fun to watch it with my 2 sister
    i made them happy, i hope there will be another
    movie like this

  • Philippe

    Hello Tom

    I saw your new movie, its really fantastic, action and comedy together : I really spent a delicious moment,

    Congratulations ! a great movie again with you .

  • Cecilia

    Knight and Day is the best film in a very long time. Cruise was AWESOME! My husband is very picky about his movies and he watched this twice in less than 24 hours! Can’t wait to see the sequel. Thanks for the action and laughs.