Green Hornet Theatrical Trailer With Knight And Day Co Star Cameron Diaz!


Cameron Diaz – Tom Cruise’s co star in the action comedy Knight and Day – again hits the big screen, this time featured in the official Green Hornet movie trailer! Diaz looks set to exercise both her quick wit and fists in support of The Green Hornet, played by veteran comedian Seth Rogen in his first action role. Cameron was cast as Lenore Case, the charming and supportive secretary to the Green Hornet that can also bust a roundhouse kick if the situation calls for it. Anyone who saw Knight and Day will know for a fact Diaz is capable of dishing out jokes and action equally. :)

Check out Tom’s partner in crime from Knight and Day in her appearance in The Green Hornet theatrical trailer below:

The Green Hornet is based on the popular radio dramas, movie serials and comics dating back to the 1940s, with Rogen taking the titular role as the legendary crime fighter. We’ll give our readers the benefit of a little backstory: Britt Reid is the son of a wealthy publishing magnate found murdered, creating the Green Hornet alter ego in a need for justice in the face of his father’s death. As in the original series, he will be flanked by Kato – played by Jay Chou –  a martial arts master and weapons expert who fronts as his chauffeur. Together, they seek to right the wrongs of the world that allude the powers of conventional policing.

In this latest film incarnation of The Green Hornet, Rogen faces off with Christoph Waltz playing organized crime boss Benjamin Chudnofsky. Waltz, fresh from an Academy Award winning performance as the chilling villain in Inglorious Basterds, will likely offer steel-cable tension to balance what appears to be a highly humorous performance from Rogen.

We’re excited to see Cameron in her new movie! The film is set to hit theaters on Jan. 14, 2011.

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  • Jacob

    OH! Its so nice

  • Rasheeda Cooper

    That was an awesome trailer. I’m lovin’ all the contemporary remakes of the classics…I’m definitely going to see The Green Hornet.

  • Karina Acosta Regalado

    soy fan mexicana aunque no lo crea Sr. Cruise aquí estamos a pendientes de su trabajo nos fascina ver sus películas desde hace tiempo sigo su trayectoria espero que continué con su calidad de trabajo para que nosotros podamos deleitarnos verlo en pantalla le mando besos y que dios lo bendiga

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  • Alexandra

    The “Batman” + “Agent 007″ + “Matrix”= The Green Hornet!!!!!!!!