VIDEO: Green Lantern Preview Trailer with Knight and Day Co-Star Peter Sarsgaard!


On Knight and Day, Tom Cruise collaborated with actor Peter Sarsgaard who now makes an appearance in the preview trailer for his latest movie, The Green Lantern. Courtesy of the folks over at Entertainment Tonight, we’re treated to the first look of the new superhero flick starring the talented actor alongside People’s newly crowned “Sexiest Man Alive,” Ryan Reynolds. From all appearances, it should be awesome! We’re looking forward to the full trailer coming soon.

Spoiler alert! Anyone waiting for the Knight and Day DVD or Blu Ray on Nov. 30 should skip the next paragraph in order to maintain the surprise. Fair warning, and necessary for the purposes of this post.

Just as he took a villain turn as double-agent Fitzgerald, Sarsgaard reprises the role as the bad guy for The Green Lantern. Featured as one of two malefactors facing off against the titular superhero played by Reynolds, Sarsgaard tackles the role of Dr. Hector Hammond. According to the comic book lore the film is based on, Hammond was transformed by the radioactivity emitted from shards of a meteor to gain psychic powers and a super intellect – with a giant cranium to match!


Hammond poses half the problem for Hal Jordan (the Green Lantern’s real name), with the other half coming from arch villain Sinestro, played by Mark Strong. Again reaching back into the Green Lantern history, we found out that Sinestro is actually another Green Lantern empowered hero who turned to the forces of evil. That would make him at the bare minimum a fair match for Jordan. But add to that Sinestro’s super alien pedigree, and you begin to understand how tough he’d be to beat.

All this adds up to a movie we’re excited to check out to support a collaborator in a new role. We thought it looked great back in August, so this reminder is getting us looking forward to it again.

To catch a glimpse of Sarsgaard’s depiction of the monstrous Hammond, check out The Green Lantern preview trailer below.

Are you excited to see The Green Lantern? What did you think of the preview trailer? Does Hector Hammond’s giant head kinda weird you out? Let us know in the comments section.

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