MINORITY REPORT TECHNOLOGY: Real Breakthroughs in 2010 Envisioned by Tom Cruise Movie!


Like a dream made real, Minority Report technology foreseen by the Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg film continues to come to fruition all throughout the world. The team at TomCruise.com are technology and gadget lovers, so we try to stay up on all the latest developments jumping off the silver screen and into real life. But this month lends itself to a whole digest of the latest innovations presaged by the powerful science fiction film based on the writing of visionary Philip K. Dick.

Take a look below at some major technology breakthroughs for 2010 predicted in Minority Report, including new innovations in automotive, gaming and user interfaces.


We’ve previously written about the G-Speak from Oblong Industries, but in the video from the folks from the CrunchGear blog, Minority Report fans can get even further into the details behind the gloved interface for computers. It’s the same exact technology that director Steven Spielberg based Tom’s ‘light gloves’ on while scanning the holographic displays for information. Really cool stuff!

While the G-Speak looks an awful lot like a video game technology we’re just about to talk about below, it offers something that won’t be widely available soon: sub millimeter control for gestures. With this kind of precision, the G-Speak looks like it’s more in line for applications in industry, not with your laptop or TV.

Take a look at the video below for detailed insight about G-Speak features ‘Grabby’ and ‘Erf’. One is for moving visual information and the other is a mapping utility. And you only get one guess which is which ;).


We alluded to this earlier, but XBox Kinect from Microsoft looks to be the hottest new technology for the holiday season. The Kinect appears like it came straight from Minority Report and into our homes, bringing Tom’s gesture-controlled computing from the movie! This gaming system doesn’t even need gloves, it just reads the gestures through a camera to allow you to play games with your hands in the air!!

Running, jumping, swatting, even grabbing an imaginary steering wheel for a car…all of these gestures allow you to play a game. It’s the kind of technology video game players have been waiting for, bringing the gaming experience even closer to full immersion. You can even get your voice involved with the XBox Kinect – with characters recognizing your speech. Now that’s awesome.

Check out the video below for more info about the XBox Kinect:


Minority Report MaseratiIt’s not just computer technology that takes inspiration from Minority Report, with the field of automotive technology also making aggressive moves based on ideas featured in the futuristic film. The auto blog CarScoop points to the Tom Cruise movie in their coverage of a concept car for Maserati – the Quattroporte of 2030!

The space-aged roadster designed by Ukrainian Yaroslav Chumachenko was based on both the old and new. The designer points to dinosaur skeletons, the Maserati Birdcage and the sleekness of Zeppelin airships as points of inspiration for the roadster

In addition to Chumachenko’s innovative designs, the folks at Google are also taking a page out of the Minority Report book with their robot driven cars we reported on last month. In short, the movie continues to impact the way we get around as much as it does the way we use a computer.

So there’s three examples of new technology inspired or predicted by Minority Report. We’re always looking forward to the genius technologist, designers, engineers and dreamers making Minority Report technology real. We think our readers and fans are likely among those making these new tech gadgets and innovations a reality.

What do you think of these technological advancements based on Minority Report? Is there any technology from the movie you’d really like to see come to real life? Let us know in the comments below.

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    The most phantastic innovation (in my eyes) is the computer which can be managed with thought control. Just imagine what this means to paralyzed or aphatic people!
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