Top 10 Tom Cruise Movies: Rankings From The List Movie Blog

Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible

Rating the top 10 Tom Cruise movies sounds like a difficult job, but was one taken on by The List Movie Blog in a recent post. Billed as the ‘the greatest movie blog ever,’ the editors at The List compiled what they believe to be the best Tom Cruise movies ever made. It’s a mix of action, adventure, drama, thrillers and even horror! In short, it’s a blend of all the best types of cinema featuring Tom’s performances. There are some classics and some newer efforts from Tom, but all are among the most fun movies to watch again and again.

Take a look below to find out what the folks at The List thought were the very best Tom Cruise movies. It’s up for debate which should make a Top 10 list, but we’re happy to see some of the more surprising entries. Let us know what your favorites are as well, either by getting in touch through the official Twitter or Facebook pages.

tom cruise the outsider greasers

10. The Outsiders – As part of an ensemble cast early in his career, Tom had the opportunity to play Steve Randle, a member of the “Greasers” in the Francis Ford Copolla-directed film. Tom’s performance alongside other future great actors like the late Patrick Swayze, Matt Dillon, Diane Lane, Rob Lowe and Emilio Estevez. Both the film and the novel it’s based on have become iconic for a generation of teens, noted as a gripping coming of age story.

tom cruise dakota fanning war of the worlds

9. War of the Worlds – As we’ve seen in the attention this Steven Spielberg film has received through the Halloween season, Tom’s performance in the retelling of the H.G. Wells classic story stands as some of his best work. Playing Ray Ferrier alongside wunderkind Dakota Fanning, Tom imbued the film with a sense of urgency and palpable dread that made the triller that much more thrilling. In the face of extraordinary odds, audiences felt as though Ray would stop at nothing to keep his family safe.

tom cruise color of money pool table

8. The Color of Money – Another early collaboration between Tom and a master director – this time with drama impresario Martin Scorsese. Tom played the part of the cocky, young upstart Vincent Lauria opposite an all-time great in Paul Newman reprising his role of Fast Eddie Felson from the 1961 movie, The Hustler. The combination of Tom and Newman harkened back to Newman’s own introduction to film audiences worldwide under the tutelage of the legendary Jackie Gleason. For aficionados of billiards, this movie rates high for both entertainment value and movie memorabilia.

tom cruise a few good men salute

7. A Few Good Men – It would be difficult to have a Top 10 Tom Cruise movie list without paying some tribute to the exchange between Tom and Jack Nicholson in this military/legal thriller. As penned by writing savant Aaron Sorkin, recently of The Social Network fame, the courtroom shouting match may have spawned one of Tom’s most quotable lines. We can handle the truth! The Rob Reiner-directed movie marked the first time Tom wore the mantle of a crusading attorney, before going back-to-back with the persona in his following film, The Firm.

tom cruise lestat interview with a vampire

6. Interview With a Vampire – A surprise entry to top ten Tom Cruise movies, but a seasonally appropriate pick, has to be Tom’s take on the vampire genre with his starring role as Lestat. Playing a villain for the first time in his career, Tom kept the thrills coming acting opposite emerging stars in Brad Pitt and a very young Kirsten Dunst. The widely popular movie is still a Halloween favorite, as are the books written by Anne Rice.

minority report tom cruise samantha morton

5. Minority Report – Tom’s other collaboration with Steven Spielberg yielded such an impressively immersive experience of the future that several of the pieces of technology have since some to real life. Based on the novel by science fiction legend Philip K. Dick, Minority Report consistently shows up among the best work of Tom’s career. Playing the hero John Anderton falsely accused of the pre-crime of murder, the film moves at a quick, mind bending clip with several scenes that are squirmy to say the least. The movie also introduced a worldwide audience to the talents of actress Samantha Morton.

tom cruise jonathan lipnicki jerry maguire

4. Jerry Maguire – A perennial favorite of fans, critics and the team here at, the Cameron Crowe-directed film consistently makes lists of the best Tom Cruise movies. Tom earned one of his three Academy Award nominations for his portrayal of the titular character – a high-powered sports agent who learns humility and love after striking out on his own following dismissal from his agency. The story launched the career of actress Renée Zellweger and won co-star Cuba Gooding Jr. an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.


3. Collateral – At first glance, Tom’s performance as the overtly villainous assassin Vincent may fly in the face of convention, but The List may be onto something with the ranking. Tom makes the most out of this opportunity to play against type with a quietly seething performance under the direction of Michael Mann. He spares and parries throughout the movie with Oscar winner Jamie Foxx to dramatic effect. And it was a performance both critics and popular audiences loved, earning dynamite reviews and opening as the number one movie in the United States.


2. Top Gun – A need for speed drove Tom to worldwide stardom in this signature action movie charting the path of naval aviators training to become the “best of the best.” Playing reckless fighter pilot Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, Tom delivered an indelibly cool performance and may have created an entire generation of aviation enthusiasts. The Tony Scott-directed film also brought other stars such as Anthony Edwards as “Goose” and Val Kilmer as “Iceman” to popular attention. The tropes in this film have become culturally iconic, with the Top Gun costume showing as one of the most popular this Halloween.

tom cruise mission impossible glasses

1. Mission: Impossible – It’s the mission Tom chose to accept, and it become one of the best films of his career. Starring as super spy Ethan Hunt, Tom launched a series of action films that attracted some of the genre’s best directors and actors to take audiences literally to the cliffs edge and back. Signatures of the series – with the next installation currently filming around the globe – include intriguing plots that ratchet up the action from one scene to the next with a slew of heart-pounding stunts! It’s no wonder The List chose to vote Mission: Impossible to the pinnacle of a Top 10 Tom Cruise movies list.

So that does it, Tom Cruise and movie fans! Do you think the right movies made the list? What are you top ten Tom Cruise films? Let us know in the comments, or by keeping the conversation going on Facebook or Twitter!

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    Days of Thunder was my favorite.

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    My list is as follows:
    1. Top Gun
    2. Cocktail
    3. Jerry Maguire
    4. The Firm
    5. A Few Good Men
    6. Risky Business
    7. Mission Impossible
    8. Vanilla Sky
    9. War of the Worlds
    10. Far and Away

    Can’t wait to add Knight and Day to the collection!!! What can I say…I’m a hopeless romantic. Inspired by you.

    Much love Tom.

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    10.- Mission Impossible III
    9.- Mission Imposible
    8.- Rain Man
    7.- Far and Away
    6.- Valkyrie
    5.- Minority Report
    4.- A Few Good Man
    3.- Interview with the Vampire
    2..- Jerry MacGuire
    1.- Top Gun

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    Tom, I love your movies!! You are my favorite actor of all time! When I was born, Interview With The Vampire came out. (1994) The movies of yours that I love are:

    1.Top Gun
    2. Mission Impossible: 3
    3. Days Of Thunder
    4. A Few Good Men
    5. Knight and Day
    6. Mission Impossible – 2
    7. Cocktail
    8. The Outsiders
    9. War of the Worlds
    10. The Last Samuri

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