Halloween Costume Contest Winners Announced!

As the ghosts, ghouls, and goblins of this Halloween season slowly retreat back to their mythical dwelling places and the frightful holiday draws to an end, the team at is proud to announce the winners of this years Halloween Costume Contest!

The first ever Halloween Costume Contest spanned over a week and saw fans display an impressive range of creativity and ingenious imagination. From the contestants that were inspired by the patriotic spirit of Top Gun, or the hilarious foul-mouthed Hollywood producer Les Grossman, and even the iconic hardwood-floor-sliding Joel Goodson in Risky Business—all your entries were awesome and worthy of major recognition and sweet prizes!

Fortunately for the team here at, YOU were in charge of voting and selection the  FIVE lucky winners who’ll receive sweet swag, like a $200 gift card to and a barrage of Tom Cruise DVDs for their movie collection! So, without further ado, here are the winners:

Les Grossman Costume Tom Cruise Halloween

Fifth Place
Maxwell Gessner
Les Grossman from Tropic Thunder

With an late entry in the game, Maxwell Gessner came from behind to grab enough votes to squeeze himself into the fifth position of our contest! His excellent protrayal of Hollywood mega-mogul Les Grossman falls nothing short than note-worthy. Max takes home his choice of two Tom Cruise movies on DVD or Blu-Ray.

Joel Goodsen Risky Business Tom Cruise Costume

Fouth Place
Eric Ligocki
Joel Goodsen from Risky Business

The fourth position in this Halloween Costume Contest goes to our friend Eric Ligocki! To say the least, Eric is surely less than bashful when it comes to committing to his version of the tigthy-whitey wearing, tune-singing teen idol Joel Goodson from the 1983 movie, Risky Business. Eric also takes home his choice of two Tom Cruise movies on DVD or Blu-Ray.

Joel Goodsen Risky Business Tom Cruise Costume

Third Place
Halley Brown
Joel Goodsen from Risky Business

There is one word that comes to mind when describing our third place winner, Halley Brown: Chic. The classic Wayferer shades supplement a composed and graceful stance in her rendition of the classic Tom Cruise character, Joel Goodsen from the 1983 movie Risky Business. Halley takes home her choice of two Tom Cruise movies on DVD or Blu-Ray.


Second Place
Lestat from Interview with a Vampire

Our Runner-up, Kimberly Millwater, entered what was perhaps the most chilling costume in the contest. Her elaborate costume re-creates Lestat upon his return from the swamplands in the “Interview with the Vampire”. Talk about scary! Kimberly is the winner of her choice of 5 Tom Cruise movies on DVD or Blu-Ray.

First Place
Aggy Celiz
Les Grossman from Tropic Thunder

Congratulations to our FIRST PLACE WINNER Aggy Celiz! With a pictured titled “Playaaa”, he got the most votes to take his carefully crafted Les Grossman costume to the top and in true Hollywood mogul spirit, he has demanded his grand prize with a Diet Coke. Aggy win a $200 HalloweenExpress gift certificate and ALL of Tom Cruise’s movies on DVD or Blu-Ray.

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