Mission Impossible Trivia Challenge No. 1

Tom Cruise fans on Twitter and Facebook were faced with a trivia challenge; a mission they were quick to accept! Here’s the question the team at TomCruise.com posed:

“What was the amount of money transferred electronically from a good guy to a bad guy in Mission Impossible II?”

Take a look below at the clip from Mission Impossible II for the correct answer:

The correct answer: $30,000,000

And we have two winners, one from Facebook and another from Twitter!

Nicole Y. from Facebook rang in first.

Woody (@WOO4000) on Twitter beat all the other followers to the punch.

Congratulations Nicole and Woody! Enjoy your prizes, copies of Mission: Impossible, Mission Impossible II and Mission Impossible III on your choice of DVD or Blu Ray. :)

And thanks to all the fans on Twitter and Facebook for your answers. Stay tuned in the days and weeks to come for even more exciting trivia challenges and contests from TomCruise.com.

  • Dawn Logue

    Thanks Tom… Enjoyed!!! kiss kiss

  • Eduardo Santana Arbelo


  • http://EsperantoBr.wordpress.com @EsperantoBr

    £37 million

  • Miho

    That’s Fun!! You are great & funny guy ♪♪
    This plan is the great!! Play more!! o(><)o
    I look forward to the next movie 『M:I-4』  Tom,愛してる!!

  • http://tgenovese.dragonhorse-ltd.com genovese thierry

    30,000,000 $ : in fact my best action I play also the same in a short film…

  • http://pranayuvan.wapka.mobi pranayuvan

    is that M:I 2 Director john woo,ha ha

  • Vladimir Brodsky

    Gratuluji Vyhercum Prvni Otazky Souteze a Vam ostatnim Posilam vzkaz “Letim Lip…Lip…Nez….Sip…!!!