VIDEO: Ben Stiller Discusses Les Grossman Movie in MTV Interview!

In a recent interview with MTV, comedian Ben Stiller revealed some thoughts on Hollywood supermogul Les Grossman, his announced biopic and the possibility of a role for Tom Cruise. The celebrated funnyman’s comments to the music network follows the performance of the hyperbolic producer’s appearance at the MTV Movie Awards in June, prompting buzz around the world with a dance routine alongside Jennifer Lopez.

Check out the video above featuring Stiller, Tom’s Tropic Thunder co-star, as he offers MTV News some insight into negotiations with the notorious hardball/lowball movie executive. The comedian confirms the film is currently being written, likely winding up a biographical film outlining Grossman’s journey in becoming a “force of nature…or terror.” He goes on further to say the production is in talks for Tom Cruise to depict the producer in the big-screen adaption of his life story, if only he can be convinced to not play himself!

Trying to talk Les out of something he wants can prove difficult. Just ask Twilight‘s Robert Pattinson! ;) So mean!

Tom Cruise Les Grossman Cell Phone

What are your thoughts on the making of a Les Grossman project? Does the legendary producer crack you up, scare you a little, or do you feel a bit of both at the same time? Let us know in the comments below.

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